These Sleep Masks for Women Over 50 Are Almost Too Amazing

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Get some shut eye.

6 Sleep Masks for Women Over 50 Who Deserve a Good Night's Sleep

I have loved a sleep mask since I bought my first one freshman year of college.

My roommate had one and swore by it which piqued my interest. And after a few too many nights of being woken by her turning on a light in our small dorm room, I took the plunge...and never looked back. Seeing as sleeping is one of my all-time favorite activities, doing so with a sleep mask means I'm rarely woken up in the middle of the night. And sharing a room, bedroom, or living quarters with someone else usually means be awoken without your consent. Thanks to my sleep mask, I don't care. Turn on lights! Open the blinds! I'm sleeping through it all.

So if you're in the mood to shop take a look at some of the best sleep mask for women over 50. If you have dry eyes, light sensitivity, or headaches, you will enjoy sleeping with these fashion forward sleep masks!

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1. Smug Contoured Blackout Sleep Mask

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Buy it here from Beauty Bay.

Let your sleep mask mold into your face while you sleep. This contoured sleep mask is great for women who toss and turn each night. It's lightweight and comfortable but it'll also stay put while you dream about conquering the world. And best yet, the 3D helps keep your eyes in the dark.

2. Therapeutic Weighted Eye Mask

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Buy it here from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

If you took part in the weighted blanket trend you'll love this weighted eye mask. It's soft and plush and can help soothe headaches and sinus pressure. It weighs .5 lbs, which is the perfect amount of weight to assist in your relaxation night after night.

3. Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask

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Buy it here from Walmart.

This sleep mask is a fan favorite on Amazon and for good reason! It molds to your face without applying to much pressure to your head and ears. The soft cotton means you'll be falling asleep the moment this sleep mask hits your face. And because it's breathable, you won't be uncomfortable or sweaty when sleeping.

4. Satin Sleep Mask

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Buy it here from Brook Linen.

Treat your eyes to a silky smooth mask! Your nose will be hugged nicely thanks to the thoughtful design of the mask. You won't see sunlight wherever you decide to lay your little head. Don't forget to pack it on your next trip, you'll depend on this sleep mask for everything.

5. Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask

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Buy it here from Mattress Firm.

Waking up sweaty is the worst. And as a devoted eye mask wearer myself, I hate feeling like my mask was the culprit. With this option from Mattress Firm's you won't wake up sweaty and you certainly won't overheat while you snooze.

6. 'slip for beauty sleep' Pure Silk Sleep Mask

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Buy it here from Nordstroms.

If you want something cuter try this adorable sleep mask. Of course it too is comfortable as it's made from the highest grade long fiber meaning you get a silky smooth mask. The elastic band is covered too so you won't wake up with an ear ache.

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