If You Love Vanderpump Rules You'll Love 6 Shows Just Like It

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Vanderpump Rules Is Amazing But Have You Checked Out 6 Similar Shows?

Vanderpump Rules is a staple in my household. I was introduced to the Bravo television show 2013, a few months before I graduated college. Tuning in to see what the servers of a popular West Hollywood restaurant were up to every week was entertaining. Not only were we watching a group of friends try to "make it" in Los Angeles, we were introduced to the drama that lingered between them. Now on it's seventh season, Vanderpump Rules is a popular reality show that hopefully will never leave my screen anytime soon.

Now, I wanted to share some wisdom with our reality television loving readers. From spin offs to reality gold, take a look at some shows like Vanderpump Rules. You should binge each and every one of them. From classics like, The Hills to one hit wonders, you'll absolutely obsess over the following shows that are just like Vanderpump Rules.

1. Southern Charm

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Southern Charm follows a group of friends in Charleston, South Carolina, a quaint town with a notorious nightlife. There's a lot to learn about this Bravo show as it enters its sixth season this year. There's a lot of drama in the south and if you love the drama of Vanderpump Rules you'll certainly love Southern Charm and the spin off shows that have followed; Southern Charm New Orleans and Southern Charm Savannah

2. Summer House

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Summer House had a hilarious introduction to the reality television world. Vanderpump Rules cast members, Stassi, Katie, Scheana, and Kristen took a girls trip to Montauk, NY and happened to meet a friend group that rents a beautiful house every summer. Alas, we were twirled into the world of rose, hookups, break ups, and infidelity. Welcome to Summer House.

3. Saddle Ranch

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Saddle Ranch was a reality show that deserved more recognition. While it only lasted one season on VH1 the dynamics of the employees at the infamous Saddle Ranch was amazing television. Before there was drama at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurants, there was... SADDDDDDLE RAAAANCH!

4. Selling Sunset

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I'm still hoping Netflix's Selling Sunset gets a second season because it is so entertaining. Sure, there are a ton of real estate shows on television but Selling Sunset incorporates employee relationships with business. Of course, there's real estate porn which makes this new show that much more appetizing.

5. The Hills

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An oldie but a goodie, The Hills was peak reality television. With the reboot around the corner, why not revisit The Hills to curb your Vanderpump Rules appetite.

6. Made in Chelsea

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Across the pond they have a show that will make Vanderpump Rules fans very happy. Insert, Made in Chelsea has had many, many seasons and cast members but the drama is the one constant. Friend groups shift, relationships change, and you'll enjoy every moment of it.

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