Sex Therapy: An Easy Out

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The Downfall

Many actresses have come out claiming Harvey Weinstein, the all-powerful Hollywood producer, has exposed himself, sexually harassed them by means of intimidation and threats, and even in some cases, raped them. He was fired from his own company, reportedly by his own brother. The Academy kicked him out, USC refused his large donation, and numerous, uneasy politicians are giving his campaign money to charities. The final chapter is that his wife promptly left him. So when such a shit-storm such surrounds such a powerful man, what does he do? Easy. He voluntarily and publicly seeks therapy for his sex addiction.

You Got Caught, Now What?

Sex therapy isn't an uncommon practice in Hollywood or among sports celebrities or prominent politicians. Tiger Woods underwent treatment when he cheated on his wife multiple times. Former NY congressman Anthony Weiner, who had an affinity for “sexting” sought sex rehab. Of course for Weiner, that didn’t work as he recently sexted an underage girl, landing him in legal hot water, yet again.

Weinstein admitted he has “demons” and that he will treat his addiction “head on”. Some argue that Weinstein doesn’t need sex therapy, which is really meant to aid people who truly have sex addition, or hyper sexuality. To combat that behavior, sex offending behavior therapy focuses on eliminating said behavior, and accepting financial or legal consequences. In contrast, Weinstein, was a serial predator who forced nonconsensual sex on women for over twenty years. The difference is that sex addiction treatment is therapy, it seeks to deal with a patient's internal struggles. Weinstein was never burdened by inner conflicts; he was a man with power, money, and influence which he used as a weapon against his victims.

New Sex Addict Orientation

Sex addiction has generally been regarded as a taboo subject. It does not exist as a formal scientific condition and many people refute the legitimacy of sex therapy. But, like any therapy, some patients seen positive results and some leave with new outlooks on life, and a better appreciation of relationships. It all boils down to the treatment received and patient response. Narcissism is also correlated with sexual issues and defining that characteristic can be an important factor of rehabilitation. Often times narcissists lack empathy, which is why they think they can get away with outrageous behavior, sexual or otherwise. Some addicts can, and do experience remorse. In Weinstein’s case, one wonders whether he ever was remorseful after his sexual encounters. Was he ever remorseful because his behavior came to light, he got caught, many of women came forward, and his world came crashing down? Doubtful.

Will It Work For Society?

To achieve success in sex therapy, it takes work, commitment to better oneself, commitment to undergo treatment, take necessary medicine, and actively try to become a better person. Weinstein got caught in 2017, but will he revert to his previous excesses in years to come? Will it change the most-disgraced man in America? With so many women discussing their past sexual harassment or assault experiences, will growing awareness of sex addiction reduce sex harassment? Only time and Harvey Weinstein will tell.

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