5 Romance Story Prompts to Help You Start Your Own Novel

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You're the author now!

Write Your Own Romance Novel With the Help of These Writing Prompts

There are so many talented romance authors out there. The genre is filled with talented and creative people but that shouldn't scare you away from writing your own romance story.

We've come up with great romance story prompts to help you get started. If you just need that extra nudge, we'll help you put pen to paper.

What are you waiting for? Time to start writing your great romance novel. Or use these prompts to practice prose, character development, and themes. The world is your oyster when you use our romance story prompts.

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1. Reunited at Hollow's Cove

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Forced to return home, Sarah Gallagher, has to venture back to Hollow's Cove. Her late grandmother's estate is in foreclosure and Sarah is next of kin. She must clean out the house, and the memories that come with it. The only good thing about returning home is seeing her old bestie, Emily Cornwall. What she thought would be a fun girls night turns into a high school reunion, reconnecting with old friends and even an old flame. When she see Thaddeus "Tad" Lauren behind the bar emotions flood back and she remembers why she left and why she was so nervous to return.

What will happen when they're reunited? What do you think Sarah did when she saw Tad again? Will she move in to her grandmother's house or leave Hollow's Cove and never return? Finish the story!

2. A Spy's Secret

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Annabelle Bouchard has always put her career first, over friends, family, and lovers. She's finally up for a promotion and her latest foreign assignment to Madrid, Spain means she has one last chance to prove herself. That is until, Rafael Isla enters her life. He's charming, gorgeous, and the perfect distraction. But will Annabelle push him away like she has so many others, or will she finally learn to love even if it means doing so in another language.

Will Annabelle risk it all for the Spaniard? Is Rafael spying on Annabelle? Will she get the promotion? Finish her story!

3. An Italian Rendezvous

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Trapped in a loveless marriage and a standstill life, Megan Stonebanks decides to venture to Europe on a solo vacation to escape everything holding her back. While dining in an Italian bistro, she's swept off her feet by a mysterious wealthy gentlemen. What begins as a simple walk around the charming town turns into a love affair so passionate, Megan doesn't know if...or when she'll return home.

Will Megan leave this mystery overseas or will she abandoned her old life for a promising new one in Europe? Her fate is in your hands. Finish the story!

Submitted by editor, Ashley Locke

4. Love Holds No Class

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Affluent Elizabeth North is betrothed to Clifford Cornwallis, the Duke of Normandy. Their marriage could save a nation—but neither of them have their heart set on each other. Elizabeth loves impoverished Benjamin Stuart, while Clifford has his eyes set on Henry St. Leger.

What is the pair to do? Finish their stories for them!

Submitted by editor, Ashley Locke

5. Something Lovely This Way Comes

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Margot Bishop hasn't practiced sorcery since that fateful night of a tragic accident many years ago. But when a maleficent force passes through Hemmington Grove, she's pushed to use the very thing that broke her heart... magic. And after years asleep in a coma, Martin Willard finally wakes up to Margot's surprise. Did her magic undo the mistake made years ago or is this maleficent force a friend instead of a foe?

How will you end Margot and Martin's love affair? Finish their story!!

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