Write Your Own Romance Short Story for Women.com

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Love a steamy romance novel? Write it!

Love Romance Stories? Now's Your Chance to Write One of Your Own

Ever fantasize about a different life? Maybe you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and wish you were Meghan Markle being whisked around London. Maybe you're shoveling snow out of your driveway (with no help from your husband) and wish you were on the beach with your new boyfriend.

Whatever it may be, we want to read a romantic short-story about fantasy. From kinky to heartfelt, it's time to start typing. Submit your stories via email and try to keep them under 500 words. We'll publish some of our favorites every day so keep a look out on the Women.com Facebook page and homepage.

Submit Your Stories

Submit your stories to submissions@women.com with the header Romance Novel Submissions and include your name (or alias if you'd prefer!) and you could see your work on Women.com!

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