8 Products That Won't Give You Buyer's Remorse

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No upper lip sweat in sight.

8 Products That Won't Give You Buyer's Remorse

We all know that feeling.

The upper lip sweat comes out of nowhere and you suddenly hope you made the right decision. Buyer's remorse hits you like a ton of bricks and you feel like it might be too late to return the items back to their original home. Or all of a sudden your cart is in the double digits and you're having a bad day at work that you say, "f&*% it" and hit checkout.

Well, I can tell you one thing. The following list includes none of that. I've found the eight products you won't regret buying.

Part affordability, part practicality, you won't have to keep the receipt, because these babies are coming home with you. Nothing is outwardly ridiculous and all will be welcomed into your life with open arms.

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1. Books

via Amazon

Nothing Good Can Come From This By Kristi Coulter

Buy it here from Amazon

I've never regretted purchasing a book, not once. I love the public library and while it's great to borrow books, I love buying them. When I'm having a bad day I'll turn to Amazon (or my local bookstore, shout out to Pages). I've invested in a real bookcase to showcase my baby library. And if you take the time to research new releases, you can find something that fits your mood or personality.

Kristi Coulter released her collection of essays titled, Nothing Good Can Come From This in August and I've consistently thought about it since reading it this past summer. This book in particular will make you, at the very least, think about female alcohol consumption and how it relates to the way you see or interact with alcohol.

2. iPhone Chargers

via Amazon

Apple 6 Foot Charger

Buy it here from Amazon

You cannot have too many phone chargers. I stand by that vehemently. Plug one in near your couch, desk, or bed, you'll use them. When a guest comes over and asks to borrow a charger, you won't have to schlep to your room to unplug the most important charger, the one near your bed. You can direct them to a number of outlets that have dedicated chargers. It'll be your party trick!

3. Cotton Pads

via Amazon

300 Cleansing Cotton Rounds

Buy it here from Amazon

If you have stubborn makeup or like a complete clean feeling, you'll understand an obsession with cotton pads, not balls. Cotton balls make me uncomfortable, a new phobia I must've picked up in my adulthood. Cotton pads, to me, feel like they work better. You can use both sides or extend its life by using it the next morning. While there are more environmental friendly options, this brand of cotton pads can be used more than once thanks to the larger surface area.

4. Leisurewear

via Nordstrom

Cozy Jogger Pants

Buy it here from Nordstroms

Who would regret walking home with a pair of comfortable pants (editors note: I am not using the term sweatpants as it has a negative, albeit, unfair connotation) for an affordable price? You can lounge in them on the weekend, but still be seen in public. Buy one in every color so you can rotate sleeping in them and running errands in them.

5. Plain White-Tee's

via J.Crew

Broken-In V-Neck

Buy it here from J.Crew

Okay, this one isn't terribly exciting but investing in a good T-shirt, that you feel G-R-E-A-T in makes for a less stressful morning when you're getting ready. If you stain it, ruin it, or lose it, you know the cut and style you love so it's easy to keep replacing. If you perspire more than others, it's great to add a few to your cart for backups and safekeeping.

6. Picture Frames

via Target

Single Frame

Buy it here from Target

You can never have too many frames! Order some prints and you'll have easy home decor. Better yet, give a nice framed picture as a gift and the recipient will be touched. Target has a plethora of options that'll help you start a gallery wall in no time.

7. Candles From Anthropologie

via Anthropologie

Voluspa Cut Glass Jar Candle

Buy it here from Anthropologie

There's not much to regret when it comes to Voluspa candles, but you won't have shoppers remorse when you walk out of Anthropologie or order a bunch online. They smell amazing and last a really long time, even if you're like me and light it for hours at a time. The coconut wax burns for 100 hours total so you can light it up and let the scent flow through your home, office, or bathroom.

8. Shoes

via Everlane

The Modern Loafer

Buy it here from Everlane

Cue a million Carrie Bradshaw quotes but honestly, shoes are something you'll always need and wear. Loafers are a perfect mix of comfort and style that is applicable to people who work in offices to people who work on their feet all day. Everlane offers affordable prices and durable material that won't have you cursing your blisters by 5 p.m.

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