5 Podcasts That Get Me Out of Any and All Funks

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Beam me up, podcasts!

5 Podcasts That Have the Power to Inspire and Get You Out of That Funk

I find myself in funks fairly often. I'm sure there's more to unpack there, but this isn't the time nor the place. It's hard to pull myself out of a fog, be it caused by work, family, or friends.

So what do you do when you're sad? You turn to something that brings you joy. Seeing as though wine brings me joy, I can't (or shouldn't) drink wine at 10 a.m. But I can listen to podcasts. I'd say in the past five years, I've listened to podcasts religiously. I have my favorites I obsess over and some that I binge in one car ride, a trait that has become incredibly popular in audio storytelling.

When I'm feeling down or searching for some much needed inspiration, I turn to the following five podcasts. They make me laugh, make me think, make me thankful for my life, or inspire me to keep going, keep chugging along because women before me have done it. It might just be a 55-minute podcast, but it goes above and beyond a simple interview or story—it helps.

1. The Cut on Tuesdays

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The Cut is not only one of my favorite websites, but they too have entered the podcast arena creating The Cut on Tuesdays—a delightful weekly show where host Molly Fischer discusses topics like pubic hair to apologies. I enjoy it for a multitude of reasons: It's digestible, episodes range from 23 minutes to 37 minutes; she interviews and/or collaborates with entertaining and thoughtful people, dedicating an entire episode to my personal hero, Jill Kargman. Whenever I'm stressed at work and listen to an episode I, am rather instantly motivated or inspired to do something creative—and that is all I want in a piece of media.

Listen to this episode first: Hello and Welcome to My Bad Dinner Party

2. Radio Cherry Bombe

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Listen here on iTunes.

Radio Cherry Bombe turned my mood around, instantly, a few months ago. If you love cooking or want to start to cook, plug your headphones in and give this podcast a listen. Kerry Diamond leads the podcast to greatness, interviewing female pioneers in the food scene, CEOs, and chefs that share their journeys to culinary esteem. I was having an especially hard day and came home to cook, a task I find cathartic. Just don't ask me about doing dishes. I listened to a few episodes of her podcast and felt so much better. Diamond simultaneously feels like a friend whose there to listen wrapped up in a teacher who wants you to reach your fullest potential. Yes, I got all of that out of a podcast! Who needs therapy?

Listen to this episode first: The Perfect Bite

3. Second Life

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Because I love podcasts so much, I'm always relieved when hosts have voices that don't make me want to scream. So not only do I thank Second Life host Hillary Kerr for her delightful voice, but for the content and interviews she curates weekly for MyDomaine's podcast. She gets big hitters like Busy Phillips and Jennifer Lopez, but personally I love getting to learn more about CEOs or founders who I am not 100 percent familiar with. The concept is great too, the second life, or career, of women who have found success in a second or third career. It's a fantastic reminder that even if you're not pursuing your dream job, it's never too late to pivot. Career podcasts can feel braggadocios, but this feels like a support system wherein strangers are reminding you that yes, you can do what you want to do at any age.

Listen to this episode first: Eva Chen: Instagram's Director of Fashion Partnerships

4. Modern Love

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Listen here on iTunes.

Of course NPR and The New York Times would create a binge-worthy podcast. It's so popular, they're making it into a TV show. Stories by writers are read by notable people like Laura Dern and Kristen Bell, creating a sweet sound to listen to weekly. It's great when you've had a busy day and can't fathom looking at your computer screen but want to read something less dull than that company-wide email. Modern Love is perfect for that annoying commute that we all have to endure.

Listen to this episode first: Fatherhood, I Now Learn, Is a Young Man's Game Read by Stanley Tucci

5. The Lost Souls of Dating

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Listen here on iTunes.

Hosted by two charismatic Southern Californian ladies, The Lost Souls of Dating hilariously chronicles the highs and lows of dating. Guests are bountiful, contributing to conversation in humorous and realistic ways which only further makes this podcast an enjoyable listen. When I want a good laugh or a reminder that we're all in this together, I fire up iTunes. And yes, I know one of the hosts, so it's especially entertaining to listen to because my dear friend Ashley talks about her dating life openly and honestly, a fresh take in a saturated podcast market.

Listen to this episode first: Episode 31: Dating a Coworker With Sarah Harris

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