21 Pi Day Instagram Captions That Celebrate March 14th!

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3.14 means Pi!

21 Pi Day Instagram Captions That Are Too Punny Not to Post

Do you know what day it is? It's Pi Day, March 14th aka 3.14.

If you love math or just enjoy a good day to celebrate something silly, then today's your day. Snap a picture of a homemade pie or introduce your Instagram followers to some math puns, whatever it may be use our Pi Day Instagram captions for the occasion!

Pi might be infinite but today isn't! Enjoy Pi Day Instagram captions while you can. And maybe cut us a piece of pie in the meantime.

Punny Pi Day Instagram Captions

  • Cutie π

  • Apple of my π

  • Pizza π

  • I finally get to be irrational today!

  • You're being irrational

  • Pi makes me well-rounded

  • Too much π and I'll be well-rounded

  • I make the best pi

  • Pie should be infinite

Witty Pi Day Instagram Captions

  • I'm very similar to π; natural, irrational, and very important

  • Today is my Super Bowl 3.14

  • No humble pi for me today

  • Pi love spending time with you today, and everyday

  • Eat π

  • May π be ever in your favor

  • Sweetie π

The Best Pi Day Instagram Captions

  • Sweet as 3.14159265359

  • π makes it all better!

  • Come to the nerd side, we have π

  • Octopi Wall Street

  • 3.14 backwards is μ.ƖƐ

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