Outlander Fanfiction That'll Satisfy the Most Extreme Fans

Outlander via Starz

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Read Some Outlander Fan-Fiction If You Want to Feel Tingly All Over

Outlander fans know what's up. And that is fan-fiction.

Fans have been creating stories based on their favorite literary characters for years and thanks to websites like Tumblr, Wattpad, and Reddit, there are platforms that celebrate fan-fiction. Some people think fan-fiction can be controversial but true fans of any genre will know it's the biggest form of flattery and based solely in admiration.

We found some of the best fan-fiction the internet has to offer. There are so many talented writers out there waiting for you to read their work. Outlander fan-fiction is everywhere, you just have to know where to look. We can't highlight all of them but we've brought you some of the sexiest, most romantic fan-fiction we could find. Based on the beloved characters of Outlander, enjoy some great writing.

1. The Standing Stones

Outlander via Starz

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Written by: Marty Kate

What got us hooked: "Well, if you don't want to ride, we'll do something else. It will be a while before anyone misses me." To make his point he pushed me against the wall, and started to pull up my nightgown. He put his face close to mine, close enough to kiss me, but I ducked out from underneath his arm."

2. What the Heart Wants

Outlander via Starz

Read it here on Archive of Our Own.

Written by: Can't Let It Go

What got us hooked: "Jamie sends kisses up Claire's neck making her shutter and then he lifts her shift over her head, "Come to me Sassenach, sleep can wait a little longer." She captures his mouth pushing him down on the bed. Yes, sleep can wait."

3. The Ties That Bind

Outlander via Starz

Read it here on Archive of Our Own.

Written by: Is It Gin Time Yet

What got us hooked: "She grabbed his belt buckle and pulled him into her immaculate living room. Stopping suddenly, she swiveled to face him, placing her hands on his chest, working her fingers between the buttons of his shirt."

4. Please Don't Let Go

Outlander via Starz

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Written by: Under the Stars

What got us hooked: "Swallowing, she turned her to catch Jamie's gaze, not noticing the pair of prying eyes watching them."

5. Christmas Faith

Outlander via Starz

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Written by: Written Through Time

What got us hooked: "Oh Jamie, I love you too. Please don't leave me my love, please!" She begged me leaning down to kiss my lips. Her tears mingled with my own across my sweaty cheek."

6. An Outlander Affair to Remember

Outlander via Starz

Read it here on Archive of Our Own.

Written by: Abby Debeaupre

What got us hooked: "He had no idea how to say this exactly. His hand came up and he stroked her face tenderly, feeling its shape, tracing the line of her from jaw to ear, her nose, sliding his thumbs over the heart shape of her face. Smudging his thumb along her bottom lip, seeing her with his fingertips. When her was done, he brushed back her hair, tucking errant curls around her ear."

7. In Sickness and In Health

Outlander via Starz

Read it here on Fanfiction.net

Written by: Miss Devon

What got us hooked: "As the last words crossed both of their lips, Jamie leaned down and kissed her, giving her his strength by way of his breath. Slowly, he pulled back and looked down at her, seeing a small shift in her eyes that gave him a renewed sense of hope.

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