These Nene Leakes Quotes Will Have You Cracking Up Uncontrollably

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Nene forever.

I Laugh So Hard Every Time I Read These Amazing Nene Leakes Quotes

Nene Leakes is hands down, one of the Bravo cast members. If you don't watch Real Housewives of Atlanta what are you doing with your life? Not only is it one of the most popular shows on television, it has Nene Leakes, a force to be reckoned with. She's hilarious, smart, and a good time. So you're welcome for putting together some of the best Nene Leakes quotes. If you need a good laugh, a good comeback, or just a reason to read the wonderful words of a hilarious woman, enjoy below!

Nene Leakes Quotes

  • "I have arrived, and the spotlight is on me, honey!"

  • "Why be so nasty and so rude, when I can be so fierce and so successful."

  • "When I walk into the room, I own it!"

  • "I have a glam-baby. Let's be correct, now. I'm way too young and too fabulous to be a grandma. I'm a glam-mom."

  • "I don't keep up with the Joneses, I am the Joneses."

  • "I am very rich, bitch!"

Best Nene Leakes Quotes

  • "So nasty and so rude."

  • "Please help me to not have to kill somebody today."

  • "While you were running your mouth, I was running to the bank, sweetie."

  • "I'm not going to stab you in the back, I'ma stab you in the chest."

  • "If I'm gonna hang out with all these girls I need to at least be a little bit drunk."

  • "Close your legs to married men!"

  • "And poor little Kim, wig squeezing her brain, she went for it."

  • "Go home wig. Goodbye wig. Go away! Bye wig!"

Real Housewives of Atlanta Nene Leakes Quotes

  • "I'm just a real person and I tell it like it is. I don't have a lot of secrets, which has been a fault of mine."

  • "I am here now, because I am supposed to be here. And I guess when it is my time to cross over there, I will be over there. I am not religious, but I am spiritual, honey. My day is coming!"

  • "I am a size 10. I could be a size 8 if I wanted to, but I'm effin' hungry."

  • "Who the fuck died and made you the boss?"

  • "You can never win when you're dirty honey!"

  • "I walk around in Louboutins, not cleats."

  • "The shade honey, I liveeeeeee."

  • "All this dick in Atlanta and you gonna text somebody else's man? Girl, gone."

  • "We see each other."

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