5 Benefits Of Moving In With Your Boyfriend

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5 Benefits Of Moving In With Your Boyfriend

Moving in with your significant other can be met with controversy. It's ideally a big step, one that could end in marriage, or happily ever after, whatever that means to you. Sometimes religion, parental influence, and other factors make it complicated. But it can also bring great things, too...

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You'll Notice Your Alone Time More

Because you're spending so much time with someone else, you'll not only know when you need time but cherish it too. When you're single or living alone, it's easy to feel lonely. But when you eat, sleep, and live with someone else, you'll remind yourself that you not only need to be alone for a period of time, but you'll want to too.

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Going Dutch On Bills

It's much nicer when you get to split bills down the middle. Your life gets a little easier knowing your whole paycheck isn't going to one place but rather, all the little places.

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You Won't Feel Unsafe Anymore

Maybe you felt safe with roommates, but the idea of another person with you at all times might relieve some of the safety stress. At least you have someone to wake up and to ask if they heard that too...

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You Won't See Red When Your 'Roommate' Leaves A Dish In The Sink

Living with roommates has many benefits but problems inevitably arise. We've all lived with loud, inconsiderate, or messy roommates. And to keep the peace, maybe you pushed your emotions under the rug. Well not anymore. If your boyfriend leaves a dish in the sink, you can be direct with him without hurting his precious feelings.

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Someone Else Is Pulling Weight

If you have to work late or are stuck in traffic, it's nice to know someone else could take out the trash, send the rent check, or pick up the mail. The stress and responsibilities that comes with being an adult can be shared in a cohesive way.