12 Must-Watch Movies To Enjoy While Pregnant

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Pregnant? Watch these movies, stat.

12 Movies To Watch While Pregnant

If you're reading this and pregnant, congratulations! You are creating human life inside of you. Isn't that wild!? There's no looking back now that you're pregnant but you have many things to look forward to! And while there are many books and podcasts out there on motherhood, pregnancy, and child rearing, watching movies can be a little more entertaining.

We've rounded up a list of the 12 best movies to watch while preggers, and we think you're going to like them. So sit back and relax, we'll do the heavy lifting on this one.

Waitress via Fox Searchlight Pictures

1. Waitress

Watch it here

This cute little romp will delight you. And maybe make you hungry for pie!? Keri Russell wants to leave her small town and horrible husband, only problem... she's pregnant and falling for her doctor. Get your pie pans out, you'll be inspired to bake more than that bun in the oven.

Nine Months via 20th Century Fox

2. Nine Months

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90's Hugh Grant! Yes please. Hugh Grant in the 90s and scared of commitment, sure! When Julianne Moore (Rebecca) tells Grant (Samuel) that she's pregnant, he freaks out. With supporting actors like Tom Arnold, Joan Cusack, and Robin Williams, the story of adulthood, and the fear of the future is all too real for most viewers, even in our modern world.

Three Men and A Baby via Buena Vista Pictures

3. Three Men and A Baby

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What do you get when you add three of the hottest 80s heartthrobs in a baby movie? Exploding ovaries, everywhere. That sounds weird but you know what I mean. Tom Selleck (sighhhhh), Steve Guttenberg (siiiiigh), and Ted Danson (siiiiighhhhh) are three bachelors who must take care of a baby when she lands on their front door. With insane set and costume design, you'll love this oldie but goodie.

4. The Business of Being Born

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Produced by Ricki Lake (true) The Business of Being Born dissects the way Americans view childbirth. By comparing health care systems from around the world and other birthing methods, the documentary shines light on the medical world.

Fargo via Gramercy Pictures

5. Fargo

Watch it here

Hear me out!!!! Fargo is such a good movie. Yes it's bloody and violent but it's so good. The best part? Frances McDormand as the smart but sweet Marge Gunderson, the heavily pregnant police chief. And while she might be seven months pregnant, she doesn't let that stop her from doing her job. And catching the bad guys, pew! pew!

101 Dalmatians via Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

6. 101 Dalmatians

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Get your maternal instinct on with this classic live-action movie. Cruella de Vil steals puppies and the Dalmatian parents stop at nothing to get them back. Mama bear time!

Bridget Jones's Baby via Universal Pictures

7. Bridget Jones's Baby

Watch it here

Bridget Jones made a return to the screen in 2016 and this time, with a baby! Now, Bridget must figure out who impregnated her, her hunky American coworker Jack Qwant, or her old flame/love of her life, Mark Darcy. Wow. What a conundrum.

The Joy Luck Club via Buena Vista Pictures

8. The Joy Luck Club

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The Joy Luck Club is an important film for many reason. First, it was adapted from the 1989 novel by Amy Tan, who went on to co-write the screenplay. Second, the movie featured a predominantly Asian cast which sadly, was the last major Hollywood film to do so. Thanks to the recent release of Crazy Rich Asians, The Joy Luck Club has more company (but still not enough!). The story hits on culture, relationships between mothers & daughters, and what must be sacrificed from generation to generation.

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9. Practical Magic

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If you're having a daughter or preparing for a second child, Practical Magic will remind you how lucky you are. Sisters, Sally & Gillian Owens have each others backs in a big way. And while you might not have magic powers, this movie will make you excited about motherhood, which I've been told is magical in it's own way.

Riding in Cars with Boys via Columbia Pictures

10. Riding in Cars With Boys

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Drew Barrymore is a pregnant teenager who must put her dreams on the back burner to try to raise her son. The most promising message from the film is this; it's never too late or you're never too old to accomplish your goals.

What To Expect When You're Expecting via Lionsgate

11. What To Expect When You're Expecting

Watch it here

This is a cliched option but it might do the trick. Based on the crazy popular novel of the same name, you'll learn what to expect when you're expecting with this star-studded cast.

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12. Alien

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Hehe just kidding... kinda.