11 Movies About Therapy That Might Be Therapeutic to Watch

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Good Will Hunting via Miramax Films

Movies can be quite therapeutic.

11 Movies About Therapy

Therapy, therapy, therapy. For some bizarre and annoying reason, there is a stigma surrounding it. That seeking professional guidance might be a weakness, or embarrassing. But it's not, quite the contrary. And thanks to these 11 movies about therapy, they shine light on the importance of talking to someone about personal issues; whether they are big or small.

Some depictions might be outrageous while others might hit a little too close to home. Whatever it may be, these movies are an example of imperfect characters seeking help in an attainable way.

Check out the 11 best movies about therapy below!

1. Good Will Hunting

In one of the most heartbreaking scenes, Robin Williams consoles Matt Damon on trauma from his past. Good Will Hunting proves that anyone regardless of socioeconomic background, can (and should) seek therapy.

2. Analyze This

A comedic spin on therapy, Analyze This proves that even mobsters need assistance. Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal team up to solve each others problems, both ridiculous and believable.

3. Prime

This movie didn't get much attention but the plot certainly surrounds therapy. What happens when your son's new girlfriend shares intimate details of her relationship to you, her therapist. Outlandish plots! Regardless, the mother/son, patient/therapist conflict is entertaining to say the least. Just make sure your therapist isn't your potential mother-in-law.

4. What About Bob?

We've discussed What About Bob? before but it's too good to pass up again. And it might be the most outrageous depiction of therapy in that the characters cross lines that we can't imagine doing.

5. Couples Retreat

Maybe not the biggest box office hit but Couples Retreat showcases why couples might seek therapy, together. The difference examples of marriage, and the problems that come with, might be a refreshing reminder that relationships aren't perfect.

6. Get Out

Okay, so this isn't a movie strictly about therapy, but one scene proves my point. It's important you find a therapist, or mental health specialist you trust. Or else you might fall into the sunken place.

7. Thanks for Sharing

I just watched the trailer for the first time and wow, this movie does not look good. BUT it does cover addiction and stresses the importance of therapy! Sex addict, Mark Ruffalo has to maneuver his addiction with therapy, sponsors, and honesty.

8. Antwone Fisher

Denzel Washington stars as Dr. Jerome Davenport a therapist who must work with young Naval officer to try to help him overcome trauma from his past. The film stresses the importance of therapy and confronting issues from our past, in order to continue a healthy life.

9. The Prince of Tides

I wouldn't recommend falling in love with ones therapist, but this Hollywood rendition proves that anyone, at any age should seek help. Another important factor that The Prince of Tides emphasizes? Seeking therapy for the betterment of family and other relationships.

10. Anger Management

If you've ever been stuck in traffic, dissed by your sister-in-law, or talked down to at work, you could probably use a session of anger management. This comedy proves that even therapists need therapy.

11. 28 Days

This movie is probably one of the more realistic depictions of therapy, in association with addiction. Group therapy is a useful option for many people, especially those who benefit from support groups who can commiserate personally. This movie on therapy should be added to your queue.