8 Movies About the 60s That Are Worth Watching This Weekend

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The swinging 60s!

8 Movies About The 60s That You Should Watch For Your Own Good

Were you born in the 60s? Did you grow up in the 60s? Then you must want to watch some movies that take place in the swinging decade.

We found some fun, interesting, and delightful films that take place in the sixties. And while these are certainly not ALL the best movies, they are some of our favorites.

From dramas to comedies, movies about war or time travel, you'll have fun watching them with your family this weekend. And if you teach a millennial something about the sixties then, well, it might all be worth it!

1. An Education

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Originally a novel, An Education tells the story of Jenny, a bright student who falls in love with David, an older man who isn't who as he seems. Taking place in 1961, London this is a movies set in the sixties you won't want to miss.

2. Good Morning Vietnam

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Robin Williams is always delightful but as, Adrian Cronauer, he lights up the film. He's sent to Saigon to DJ for the Armed Forced Radio Service, a task which he sees great success in with humor and talent. Not everyone agrees with his unorthodox ways but his efforts aren't ignored by the servicemen or the Vietnamese.

3. That Thing You Do!

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Written and directed by Tom Hanks, That Thing You Do! is a fun movie made greater by the time period it's set in. With fun music, great costumes, and a talented cast you'll love watching this 60s movie.

4. Animal House

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Want to relive college? Animal House is a classic movie, set in Oregon in the sixties. With a cast of characters you'll be howling laughing. For younger generations it's an important movie to watch as it's a great classic. For older generations let's say it could be a walk down memory lane.

5. Hairspray

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Hairspray is perfect for anyone who loves musicals. And John Travolta in drag. When Tracy Turnbald skips school to audition for The Corny Collins Show, she meets people and overcomes obstacles she never would've imagined. You might especially enjoy the song, "Welcome to the 60s" while watching Hairspray this weekend.

6. Inside Llewyn Davis

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This movie might've been released in 2013 but Llewyn Davis is a struggling musician in 1961 New York City. Directed by the Coen Brothers, Inside Llewyn Davis shows the struggle of finding yourself while chasing your dreams. Starring Oscar Issac, Carey Mulligan, and John Goodman, you might need a box of tissues with this sixties movie.

7. The Good Shepherd

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Evidently, The Good Shepherd is the untold story of the beginning of the Central Intelligence Agency. It's star-studded with strong performances from Robert DeNiro, Matt Damon, and Angelina Jolie. If you like spy thrillers, this is the Friday night espionage film for you.

8. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

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And lastly, Austin Powers is always a good idea. In Spy Who Shagged Me Austin time travels back to the 60s to prevent Dr. Evil from stealing his mojo. It might sound ridiculous but the costumes and set designs are worth it.

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