Montgomery Gentry Lyrics That Are Ideal for Instagram Captions

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'My Town' via Columbia Nashville

You'll have 'something to be proud of'!

Montgomery Gentry Lyrics for Instagram Captions

If you're a real country music fan then you've definitely heard of Montgomery Gentry. Comprised of singers, Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry, they've had hits like, 'My Town' and 'Where I Come From'. You've heard them on the radio, maybe even seen them in concert. Regardless, they have lyrics that are really perfect for Instagram captions. Whether you're at a state fair, the beach, or a rodeo, you'll find yourself using Montgomery Gentry lyrics for your next Instagram caption.

• "Don't you dare go runnin' down my little town where I grew up"

• "We may live our lives a little slower but that don't mean I wouldn't be proud to show ya"

• "Where I come from there's a pickup truck with the tailgate down"

• Where I come from there's a big ole' moon shining down at night"

• "That's something to be proud of"

• "That's a life you can hang your hat on"

• "Now that's something to be proud of"

• "Some people care about what other people think worry about what they say"

• "I don't give a dern what other people think what do ya think about that"

• "Got a letta roll offa my back"

• "Say, I don't give a damn what other people think... what do ya think about that!!!!"

• "I have moments when I curse the rain"

• "I look around at what everyone has and I forget about all I've got"

• "But I know I'm a lucky man"

• "And one more day to be my little kid's dad Lord, knows I'm a lucky man"

• "God's given me a pretty fair hand"

• "My old trucks still running good, my ticker's ticking like they say it should"

• "Nobody's heard from her since she hightailed"

• "I come from a long line of losers"

• "I was born with a shot glass in my hand"

• "I'm part hippie a little red neck"

• "My blood line made me who I am"

• "I come from a long line of losers: half outlaw half boozers"

• "I'm always a suspect"

• "I'm a little less reckless, little less wild card"

• "But I've turned the page on wilder days"

• "I ain't saying I'm perfect, but I'm working on a better me"

• "Where I came back to settle down, it's where they'll put me in the ground"

• "Where I was born, where I was raised, where I keep all my yesterdays"

• "There's one in every crowd, brings the party in us out"

• "There's one in every crowd, and it's usually me"

• "He's a bartender's best friend, it ain't a party till he walks in

• "Good time charley with a harley, whiskey bent and hellbound"