22 Michael Faudet Quotes That Are Powerfully Moving In Every Way Possible

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You Will Likely Feel Every Emotion Thanks to 22 Michael Faudet Quotes

If you love poetry, then you certainly know the powerful words of Michael Faudet. He's seen immense success thanks to his powerful pieces of work: Bitter Sweet Love, Smoke & Mirrors, Winter of Summers, and Dirty Pretty Things. He has amassed a huge fan following, and for good reason. His writing is magnetic, pulling you in closer and deeper to his romantic composition and sensual prose.

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we gathered some of our favorite Michael Faudet quotes. Some are moving, while others make us weak in the knees. For fans of poetry and romance, Michael Faudet's words will pierce through you and never let go.

Enjoy some of the most beautiful Michael Faudet quotes, we sure are. And if you're interested in reading more, purchase Michael's books here.

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Michael Faudet Quotes

  • "Every time you take a sip, your lips wet with wine, I wish I was that glass."

  • "Lust is a lovely word and makes love so much more interesting."

  • "She wore the scent of early spring on her delicate neck and every kiss I stole tasted of bright yellow flowers and buzzing bees."

  • "I am hypnotized. Sleepwalking to the rhythm of your words, never wishing to wake."

  • "You cannot remove my scars or rewrite the past that haunts me. Just hold me tight and tell me everything is going to be okay."

  • "Love and loss share the same unmade bed."

  • "I have never felt the touch of falling snow, she said, but like, love, I know it exists. Somewhere."

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Romantic Michael Faudet Quotes

  • "The first kiss is the last to be forgotten."

  • "Kissed dream of lips like yours."

  • "I am hopelessly in love with a memory. An echo from another time, another place."

  • "I crave a dangerous kind of love. One that breaks hearts and bed springs."

  • "I spend most nights at home falling in love with the idea of you."

  • "I write because you exist."

  • "I am obsessed with you. Utterly, willingly and wonderfully so."

  • "'I am afraid of the dark', she said. 'I am your torch,' he replied."

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The Best Michael Faudet Quotes

  • "Nobody knows your heart better than you. Trust your instincts. Never let anyone cast a shadow over your sunshine."

  • "She's the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence that I could ever possibly write."

  • "I've always longed to turn the last page of a romantic novel but it seems my life is destined to remain a book of short stories."

  • "So, fierce is the passion that burns within my heart, a raging forest fire, unstoppable and all consuming."

  • "Lost is a lovely place to find yourself."

  • "The one thing we all have in common is our differences. Embrace your uniqueness. You are beautiful just the way you are."

  • "I believe in you." Words that water flowers."

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