Melissa Schuman Files Police Report Against Backstreet Boy Nick Carter


Singer, Melissa Schuman Files Police Report and Claims Nick Carter Raped Her

Singer, Melissa Schuman has filed a police report against Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter. Schuman filed a sexual assault report to the Santa Monica Police Department on Wednesday. Reports have come in that the LAPD Special Crimes, a unit established after the Weinstein allegations, will handle the case.

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Who Is Melissa Schuman?

Melissa Schuman is a singer best known for being a member of the 2000 girl group, Dream. Back then, P.Diddy was her boss. More recently, Melissa took to her blog, Melissa Explains It All, to share her story about her alleged assault against Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter.

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Nick Carter & Melissa Schuman Movie

Nick Carter, known for being one of the singers in popular boy band Backstreet Boys, was cast along side Melissa in a made for TV movie. He invited her over to his Santa Monica apartment on a day they weren't shooting, to hang out. Melissa brought her roommate along. A casual hang out turned into her worst nightmare, when Carter allegedly asked if she wanted to hear some new music in his office.

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Time's Up

Schuman details that night in her blog, claiming Carter forced himself onto her and allegedly raped her in his apartment. Carter has declined to comment on the accusations. Her manager told her it could ruin her career to go up against a star at the time, one who has a power litigator at his disposal. With the current sexual assault climate and movements like #MeToo, Schuman felt she could come forward with her story.

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