The 5 Best Long Distance Sex Toys for Couples Who Live Apart

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The 5 Best Long Distance Sex Toys for Couples Who Live Apart

Lots of people are embarrassed by sex toys but they shouldn't be. Sex toys and bedroom accessories are a completely natural, and normal thing to do with yourself or partner. Regardless of your age, gender, or sexual orientation, sex toys are made for everyone.

If you can't get intimate with your partner due to location, don't fret. We've found five long distance sex toys that will keep your romance alive. Distance doesn't have to make the heart grow fonder! Feel connected with your partner by purchasing some long distance sex toys!

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1. We-Vibe Sync Massager

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Buy it from Adam & Eve.

Bluetooth connections can do wonders for long-distance couples. This sync massager will keep your love alive even if you aren't in the same time zone. With various modes, speeds, and a new adjustable design, you both can feel real good with this long distance sex toys, even if you can't do it together.

2. Motorbunny Link Bluetooth Controller

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Buy it from Adam & Eve.

Download the Motorbunny Link app and you and your long-distance partner will have a lot of fun. "Twirl" and "Buzz" your way through various settings to reach peak euphoria. With the Bluetooth controller you can have "unprecedented remote control capabilities". Even if you can't be with each other physically... you can be with each other physically. You'll need the Motorbunny to keep up with your partner which you can buy, here.

3. Lush Bluetooth Vibrator

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Buy it from Lovense.

Long distance romantic relationships don't have to lose steam! Bring the Lush Bluetooth Vibrator into separate bedrooms and let the fun begin. If you're especially frisky you can try playing some games with your new toy. With a special long distance control, you can have uninterrupted romance with your significant other.

4. Pivot by We-Vibe

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Buy it from We-Vibe.

For intimate pleasure, add Pivot by We-Vibe to your long distance routine. With a comfortable design, you and your partner can relax even if you're miles apart. Use the free We-Connect app and control each other's product. You can create custom vibrations for your partner for a good 'ol time.

5. Vibease

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Buy it from Vibease.

Sync Vibease with your favorite erotic autobooks and really spice up your long distance bedrooms. You have the ability to stay intimate regardless of location. The app will seriously aid in your time together, with speed control, you can control your partners fun. A perfect long distance sex toy for you and your partner!

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