33 Leslie Knope Feminist Quotes You Should Repeat To Yourself, Daily

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In Knope We Trust.

I'm Only Living By These 33 Leslie Knope Feminist Quotes From Here on Out '

Oh how I miss Leslie Knope. Yes, she's a fictitious character (played by the best, Amy Poehler) from the beloved TV show, Parks and Recreation but she was an important feminist icon to all. If we could, we'd thank the writers of Parks & Rec for creating such an important piece of feminist history in a character that means so much to many women.

That's why we found some of the best Leslie Knope feminist quotes. She'll inspire you to keep on going or rile you up to take down the people in your way. She'll certainly make you laugh but she might even bring a tear to your eye. Grab your friends, coworkers, and the other women in your life and enjoy some girl power inspiration from Leslie Knope.

  • "We just struck a huge blow for equality by proving we're better than them."

  • "Enemies of fairness and equality hear my womanly roar."

  • "There are no more consequences to my actions anymore. I'm like a white U.S. Senator."

  • "I believe one problem with hiring women is that they're frail and breakable."

  • "Is it possible you're thinking about lightbulbs? Or your hip?"

  • "I am a goddess. A glorious female warrior. Queen of all that I survey."

  • "I fully believe that a woman should be in charge of what happens to her body."

  • "I guess some people object to powerful depictions of awesome ladies."

  • "What kind of lunatic would want to be Cleopatra over Eleanor Roosevelt?"

  • "I stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things."

  • "How do I explain her? She's a respected as mother Teresa, she's as powerful as Stalin and she's as beautiful as Margaret Thatcher."

  • "Oh, Ann, you beautiful, real-breaking moth."

  • "Hoes before bros. Uteruses before duderuses."

  • "What I hear when I'm being yelled at is people caring really loudly at me."

  • "Ann, you beautiful tropical fish."

  • "Don't listen to your head or your heart...just look at my eyes and say yes."

  • "Guys love it when you can show them you're better than they are at something they love."

  • "You're ridiculous and men's rights is nothing."

  • "I can promote my self-published women's rights barbecue cookbook... The Feminine Mesquite."

  • "I'm bad at math and I'm stupid. All I want to do is have babies. This would not happen if I had a penis.

  • "Wow, that's weird, with us being women and all? You'd think our boobs would get in the way."

  • "Why did I change my hairstyle? Oh I don't know. I decided it would look better...or my kids got gum in it."

  • "Well, times have changed. I'm deputy director now, but I'm hoping someday to be the first female director of the department."

  • "I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself."

  • "But February 13th, Galentine's Day is about celebrating lady friends. It's wonderful, and it should be a national holiday."

  • "Maybe in your world it isn't a big deal. You're a white protestant man with a full, rich mustache."

  • "Winning is every girl's dream. But it's my destiny."

  • "Maybe it's time time for more women to be in charge."

  • "If you want to bake a pie. That's great. If you want to have a career. That's great too."

  • "Whoooo! April, let's finish up, we have some stereotypes to overcome."

  • "Hey Leslie. It's Leslie. Hang in there. I love you. Bye."

  • "There's nothing we cant do if we work hard, never sleep, and shirk all other responsibilities in our lives."

  • "Look out boys, I'm in your club now."

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