18 Smart Organizing Ideas For Your Kitchen


18 Smart Organizing Ideas For Your Kitchen

Kitchens can be a daunting place. With so many bells and whistles in there, it's a room in the house that quickly becomes cluttered. And because it's arguably one of the more important rooms in the home, you should keep it as organized as you'd like. We've figured out some important tricks you should know about organizing the kitchen.

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1. Organize Silverware In The Dishwasher

It's easy just to throw silverware around in the dishwasher but why not try organizing it? By placing spoons, forks, knives into designated pockets, unloading it won't be such a headache.

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2. Hook It Up!

Hooks will be your best friend. If space is limited or your landlord won't budge on adding more cabinets, hang your kitchen supplies. From pots and pans to spatulas, you have a lot to work with.

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3. Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan will be your best friend for kitchen storage. Use it to store multiple things, such as mugs with convenience. It'll help you layer multiple kitchen accessories.

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4. Organize From The Inside Out

It's imperative to organize your drawers (mainly so you don't go crazy) in a way that makes sense. Drawer organizers are perfect for utensils but can be used to keep wrapping paper, plastic baggies, etc, in place.

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5. Organize Your Pantry Like A Library

If you can't find the cumin, there's an easy solution. Organize your pantry with a system that works be it, color coordination, alphabetical or by ingredient. This way, you'll cook with efficiency and your cabinets won't look disorganized.

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6. Use Reusable Containers For Fruits & Vegetables

Remove your fruit from pesky plastic containers into reusable glass cartons. Not only is it better for the environment but you've gotten rid of bulky containers that take up unnecessary space in the fridge or fruit bowl.

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7. Invest In Things That Break Down

The ability to retract stools, stands, and much more will help free up counter space (or space in general) when organizing your kitchen.

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8. Make Chalk Your Best Friend

Not only is blackboard paint a nice trend, it's easy. Simply buy or paint jars, baskets, or containers and use chalk to label. You don't have to commit and you can change up containers as you like.

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9. Lists, Lists, Lists

If you plan out your meals, your life will be significantly more organized, and who doesn't love that? There are so many cute, easy, magnetic grocery list options, great for gifts too!

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10. Use A Cake Stand For Your Go-To Materials

If you want to keep counter tops sparse, find a cake stand. Your essential items like olive oil, vinegar, salt & pepper, will have a nice home away from home on top of it.

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11. Hide Your Appliances When You Can

There are so many appliances readily available to us. Microwaves, juicers, pressure cookers, the list goes on and on. But if you start racking up appliances, your kitchen might feel smaller. Hide them when you're not using them. Hide your toaster, hide your wife!

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12. Avoid Angry Pots & Pans

Organize your pots and pans with wooden pegs, that way you can avoid knocking them all around when you're looking for a small saucer. And your roommates will love you for it.

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13. Keep Your Go-to Recipes Handy

You might have a lot of cookbooks laying around, but let's be honest, you probably only use a handful of them. With a recipe box you can keep all your favorite dishes organized in a clean and concise manner.

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14. Keep It Nice Under The Sink

Keeping your cleaning supplies in order, under your sink is an easy feat. Find a bin and organize the Windex, Clorox, or whatever tickles your fancy, out of sight.

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15. Tray Divider

If cabinet space is slim and you have more glassware than you'd like to admit, this little trick will come in handy. Simply, find a flat tray and layer cups, plates, glasses on top of it and voila, a makeshift shelf.

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16. Double Use Storage

If you have a dumpling steamer or any other knick-knack you don't use all that often, it's the perfect place to store things. Containers, mason jars, and other goodies can make sense, times two!

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17. Magnetize!

Use magnets everywhere! An easy trick? Put your spices in small containers with magnets on the back, that way you can display them anywhere.

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18. Girl, Put Your Wheels On

If you need to have a fully functioning kitchen, add some wheels to your furniture. A portable island, cart, or chopping block will allow you to free up space when needed.

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