6 New Years Resolutions Apps To Hold You Accountable

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An app a day can keep the doctor away!

Keep Your New Year's Resolution With These 6 Apps

Oh man, here we are. 2018 is in full force and maybe you've already ate a brownie for breakfast (true story over here) or drank too much wine on Bachelor Monday. New Year's resolutions can impossible to stick to it. We might put unrealistic pressure on ourselves or battle an impossible feat. But you don't have to! These six apps can help maintain your New Year's resolutions. From exercise to finance, it's possible to stick to your goals anytime of the year!


Lose weight, count calories, and have reminders to get active. What else could you want with this personal trainer app.


Almost all of us want to eat better to feel better or lose weight. Well now you can, with a helpful app. "Achieve your dreams and goals with Fooducate, a weight loss coach for people who want to eat a healthy, real food diet. Track your food, activity, sleep and mood. Get motivated by the most supportive community in the world. "

Fooducate app on iPhone 5!!

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Do you ever get home and panic about how much money is in your bank account? Are you unsure if you're still subscribed to five different Netflix accounts? Well, fear not, Mint will take care of you and your finances. Perfect for budgets, bills, and credit scores!


Do you reminisce about learning different languages in High School? Are you kinda kicking yourself for forgetting most of it? Duolingo has plenty of languages to learn (or relearn) with different levels, activities, and tests. Open it up while you're waiting in line and you'll be bilingual in no time!


"A few minutes could change your whole day". As we commute to work, sit in desk chairs, or run around all day, it's important to take a breather. Enter, headspace. The app will guide you with breathing techniques and meditation strategies to calm and center yourself, when you might need it most.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Now your phone can do you some good at night! Sleep Cycle Alarm clock is "an intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase – the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed. No need to place your device in bed - Sleep Cycles uses sound analysis sleep tracking.