Kasey Musgraves Lyrics That Work Perfectly for IG Captions

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'Butterflies' via MCA Nashville

Same trailer... different park!

Kasey Musgraves Lyrics for Instagram Captions, Ya'll!

Kasey Musgraves knows how to write a song, like many female country stars before her, she writes what she knows. From the funny lyrics of 'Follow Your Arrow' to the heartbreaking truths in 'It Is What It Is', she has so many great songs. Now you can use her lyrics for your Instagram captions!

• "You're all out of pennies and the well it done run dry"

• "If you're ever gonna find a silver lining it's gotta be a cloudy day"

• "You say you're just unlucky but luck ain't what you need"

• "Cause if you're ever gonna find a four leaf clover, you gotta get a little dirt on your hands"

• " If you wanna fill your bottle up with lightning, you're gonna have to stand in the rain"

• "Where it stops nobody knows and it ain't slowin' down, this merry go 'round"

• "Just like dust, we settle in this town"

• "Mary just don't give a damn no more"

• "We're just blowin' smoke"

• "Well, we all say that we'll quit someday, when our ship comes in, we'll just sail away"

• "I'm just flicking ash into the tray tell them both it'll be okay"

• "Wipe down the bar, take out the trash, light one up and count my cash, swear I'm never coming back again"

• "You can't tell anymore, if you're the rabbit or the snake"

• "I drink to feel, I smoke to breathe, just look what love, has done to me"

• "Make lots of noise, kiss lots of boys"

• "Follow your arrow wherever it points"

• "When the straight and narrow gets a little too straight roll up a joint... or don't!"

• "I ain't pageant material I'm always higher than my hair"

• "Sometimes I talk before I think, I try to fake it but I can't"

• "I'd rather lose for what I am than win for what I ain't"

• "I wish I could, but I just can't wear a smile when a smile ain't what I'm feelin'"

• "This town's too small to be mean"

• "And around here, we all look out for each other"

• "And somebody's daughter knows somebody's brother"

• "Just like the circus, you always leave town"

• "I've stopped counting sheep, now I just count the days"

• "And if they ask, I'll say I'm fine"

• "Now I remember what it feels like to fly you give me butterflies"

• "So, why don't you giddy up, giddy up and ride straight out of this town you and your high horse"

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