'Murder, She Wrote' Jessica Fletcher Is the Style Icon We Deserve

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher in 'Murder She Wrote' wearing big glasses, red lipstick, and a plaid button down underneath a brown coat
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My love of 'Murder, She Wrote' blended into sartorial meaning.

How Fictitious Writer Jessica Fletcher Became My Style Icon Overnight

In the grand scheme of things, I have been a fan of Murder, She Wrote for a short period of time.

Running from 1984 to 1996, my only chance of true admiration was thanks to reruns on Nick at Nite. Seeing as I was 6 years old when Jessica Fletcher said goodbye to our television screens, my timing was off. So it was a bit comical to find that in my mid-20 I was fascinated and obsessed with an amateur detective that has been off the air the majority of my life. To my dismay, my parents never introduced me to the delightfulness of the show and my peers most certainly had no idea what I was talking about when I would press them about the ongoings of Cabot Cove.

Murder, She Wrote

My fascination with Murder, She Wrote is probably shared by many. As a millennial, I enjoy watching a relaxing show before bed. Most of the time I will be lulled to sleep by a good "bedtime show." A proper bedtime show has to fulfill a few requirements. It has to be peaceful, so no Game of Thrones or even Big Little Lies, heart rates must be kept to a relaxed beat. Some go-to's include: The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Frasier, and Bob's Burgers. Adult cartoons are preferred, even Family Guy falls under the prerequisites. Little did I know how perfectly Murder, She Wrote would fit into my nighttime routine.

So what is it about Murder, She Wrote that is so relaxing? I mean, "Murder" is in the title so at first look, it doesn't quite fit. But between Angela Lansbury's accent and calm demeanor to the often comical yet understandable plot points, the show is a marvelous example of a television series that caters to a wider audience. Sure, before viewing the show myself, I equated it to a grandmother watching her beloved soaps, but now it's entertaining for our 20-something household.

Beyond relaxing, it's a good show that I admire. And it's simple, I don't really know the supporting characters or how they are related to Jessica. You can dose in and out of sleep without missing a huge plot point. Maybe I have become the grandmother watching her soaps...

Like anything nostalgic, it's fun to rewatch. I also get to admire the clothing. Seeing as fashion is cyclical, there are a lot of trends and parallels between writer and detective Jessica Fletcher and what is on the forefront of style currently. And clearly, I'm not the only one. As I was researching all things Murder, She Wrote, I stumbled upon this Vanity Fair article.

In it, writer, Hilary Weaver introduces Murder She Look an Instagram account dedicated to Jessica Fletcher and her style. Fletcher has managed to join Instagram, 20 some years after her rule. It's fun to share her looks on the platform, one that is ideally used for inspiration rather than ridicule or self-doubt. Weaver explains how millennial women get to connect through fashion:

"They're viewing Fran Fine and Jessica Fletcher through a different lens, and these curated Instagram accounts of what they wore are homages to women whom—albeit fictional—they want to celebrate, with fashion being the way in."

More Than Murder

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, one that gets me into trouble more often than not. Seeing Jessica Fletcher's style on screen reminds me of my mom, her style, and the pieces of clothing I associated with her as a child. A chunky Barbour coat for cold, windy days. Or a perfectly placed scarf that meant a dinner party was around the corner. There's a familiarity on-screen that I had previously forgotten about. There's a calm, motherly presence lulling me to sleep when I ask for it.

Reliving fashion through television isn't new nor Pulitzer Prize-winning content, but it is a welcomed addition to a daily routine that is usually filled with backaches, fatigue, and the fixtures of adulthood that seem unbearable. Something calming in the world of unrest. Jessica Fletcher lives on in her quirky ways and impacts fashion even after the murders are solved.

(Some Of) Jessica Fletcher's Most Iconic Looks

Jessica Fletcher is my style icon and I believe her looks speak volumes. Take a peak at some of the iconic outfits throughout the series.

1. Let's Lounge in Blue

Jessica Fletcher is probably not a sex icon to most but this look speaks for itself.

2. Not Your Average Detective

Burberry is selling this jacket for a million dollars which will make finding it in a vintage store that much more satisfying.

3. Pussy Bows for Everyone

Surely feminist, Jessica Fletcher would be proud to know the new meaning behind the pussy bow.

4. Cabot Cove Approved Sweater

How quaint! Only Jessica Fletcher could pull off an ugly sweater any time of year.

5. The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Jessica's ability to mix prints, patterns, and hardware would get her an invite to The Met Gala and a spread in ManRepeller.