Fans of Jane Austen Will Go Crazy Over These 4 Airbnb's

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Live like Jane Austen!

These Jane Austen Airbnb's Are the Perfect Destination for True Fans

Hey, Jane Austen fans, do we have something for you.

Do you need a trip? Boss weighing you down? Roommates annoying you beyond comprehension? Why not take your love of travel and your love of Pride & Prejudice and mix them into one big adventure?

We found some of the best airbnb's for Jane Austen fans. They are cute, quaint, and related to the writer in some way, shape, or form. Imagine reading Emma in an English countryside sipping a hot cup of tea. Imagine cozying up to Persuasion while a fire keeps you warm. Grab your Jane Austen books and start planning your big getaway to the following Jane Austen airbnb's.

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1. Jane Austen's Very Own Home

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Jane Austen started, The Watson's in this home so if you are a true fan, why not set up shop and start your very own masterpiece? It looks updated and cozy, perfect for the modern millennial. There's lots of room so invite some friends and recreate Sense & Sensibility in that beautiful study!

2. Jane Austen's Hometown

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Visit the village of Chawton, also known as Jane Austen's hometown! Enter "Prowtings" and discover your love of Austen's stories by staying in a refurbished bedroom in a house dated back to 1713 and you'll feel like you're living beside her. This airbnb is very close to Jane Austen's house so you can peek over there anytime you like!

3. Live Like Jane Austen

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This beautiful airbnb sits overlook the Avon river. You are ten minutes outside of Bath yet stepping into a Jane Austen novel all at the same time. Bring your significant other and gallop around town falling in love all over again. The interior is freshly updated and beautiful, perfect for a much deserved getaway. Imagine sitting on the terrace, drinking a cup of tea, presumably just like Jane did long ago!

4. Jane's Village

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Is there anything more quaint that this airbnb? For just $115 a night you will be live along side Jane Austen's memory in her town of Chawton. Write your great novel in a 17th century cottage that is a stone's throw from her home and museum. Charming, warm, and inviting, this airbnb is begging you to curl up with Pride & Prejudice.

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