in defense of reality tv

In Defense of Reality TV

So often we judge others on their television habits.

“You’re not watching Westworld?” “Doesn’t the laugh track in The Big Bang Theory annoy the crap out of you?” “I can’t believe you watch that garbage every night”.

We forget the reason behind why we watch what we watch. And that is, to escape. To leave worries behind us, to learn something new, to waste away into oblivion after a long day at the office or a long, or a shift at night. With the ever-changing world of subscriptions, cord cutting, YouTube videos, and of course, streaming services, there are a plethora of stories to consume. And reality television is no different. To enjoy reality television is to not take it, or yourself too seriously. That is, until it surprises you, and maybe even teaches you something.

The Real Housewives Franchise