5 Tips for Staying Productive at Work

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Staying Productive At Work

Oh man, we've all been there. It's 3pm and you've been staring at the computer screen for a few minutes, wondering what to do next. Maybe your food coma has finally set in and all you can do is shop online. Maybe you have a meeting that you should be preparing for but instead, you're picking nail polish off of your fingers. In any case, working is exhausting but your productivity doesn't have to suffer because of it.

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1. Tidy Up

If you're surrounded by distractions, you're likely not paying attention. If you have cups, water bottles, or a disorganized workspace your ~~~energy~~~ might be suffering. Tidy up! Throw away trash, stack paper, and get your desk in order.

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2. Break It Down

Break it down- meaning your work, not you. Make your work manageable for you so you don't feel like you have too much to do or feel overwhelmed by your workload. Once you realize you can get through smaller parts, your productivity will go up!

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3. Put Your Phone Away

This has become a popular piece of advice in 2018 but it's true. Stop texting, stop scrolling through Instagram. Once you put your shiny toy away, you'll have to look at the thing in front of you... your job.

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4. Take Necessary Breaks

If you're feeling burnt out or have hit a wall, get up and walk around. Take a 5 minute break to leave your surroundings and find new perspective outside of your office, home, or workplace. Fresh air will make a huge difference.

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5. Create a Checklist

There is a lot of satisfaction when you cross something off your "to-do" list. Make yourself a list to abide by, that way you'll hit all the important tasks at hand. Your reward? A list of things, crossed off because you accomplished them will feel really good.