Hilariously Real Mom Stories That'll Have You Laughing

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It's funny cause it's true.

10 Stories About Being A Mom That Are Hilariously Accurate

If only there was a reward for good parenting. You spoke and we listened. These stories are hilarious, honest, and ridiculous... just like parenting! Motherhood isn't easy and sometimes it isn't pretty but these stories made us a laugh today and for that, we thank you! If you want to share your story and be featured, email editor@women.com to share your story with our readers!

My son started sobbing uncontrollably when we told him he couldn't marry his aunt, my sister. - Jenny, 32, Minneapolis

My son came home with a stomach bug. I waited on him hand and foot, soup in bed and copious amounts of television made him feel better. Then, I got hit. It was coming out of both ends. My sweet little guy ran around the house naked, screaming "Mommy's a volcano". - Michelle, 40, Dallas

I went out for a few hours and had our beloved babysitter watch my five-year-old girl. When I came back she was decked out in a Harry Potter cloak. She turned to me and in the most dramatic way possible said, "You CAAAAAAME BAAAAAACK". The Academy Award goes to... - Denise, 32, San Diego

My son has been obsessed with his stuffed animal, Joey. Joey was a gift when he was born and he became attached to the monkey right away. Had we known he would become obsessed we would've bought two. When we left Joey at my parents house, my husband went out and tried to get a similar looking stuffed animal. He got pretty close but when we gave Joey to my son, in what felt like slow-motion, he looked up at us and calmly whispered, "this isn't Joey". I will buy two of everything from now on. - Katie, 34, Scottsdale

We were interviewing new babysitters and I heard my daughters (6 and 8) ask the babysitter to jump on the trampoline with them. They were so excited she said yes I overheard my youngest say, "this is so fun for us because our mom can't jump on the trampoline anymore without peeing". Kids say the darnedest things, don't they? - Emily, 44, Denver

I was complaining to my husband that I had to make vegan cookies for my kids school. The administration was really pushing "equally opportunity cookies" and I was bitching in the kitchen. Well, my daughter didn't understand what "vegan" meant and evidently went around the school telling people her mom made "vagine" cookies. - Renee, 41, Los Angeles

My son slapped my butt at the pool last summer and simply said "that's a bargain" and kept walking. - Stephane, 39, Dallas

We were trying to potty-train my son and he would joke with us that he had to pee. We'd run and grab him and place him in front of his training toilet. He would laugh and laugh and say "just kidding". So, one day when he did it we ignored him, thinking he was playing a game. He got so angry we weren't paying attention to him, he peed in my husbands fancy work shoes. We have new game rules moving forward. - Heather, 40, Chicago

My two-year-old daughter came up to cuddle me and I was so elated. At that age they can be kinda mean so I welcomed the affection. Little did I know she wiped her snot on my t-shirt and darted away as fast as possible. -Vanessa, 30, Montreal

As my husband and I were preparing for a much needed date night, my kids went into my phone, signed into Apple, rented rated R movies, put my phone back and had a plethora of comedies waiting for them once we left. I didn't notice till the electronic Apple bill notified me days later. - Carly, 49, Boston

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