Here's Where You Can Read Harlequin Romance Novels Online for Free

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We've Found the Best Place to Read Harlequin Romance Novels Online for Free

Looking for some harlequin romance novels to read online for free? We've found just the place. Of course, you should add to your library collection and buy some romance novels for your bookshelves but that doesn't mean you can't read some great writing, for free.

Take a look at the best place to read harlequin romance novels, online, for free below!

Read Harlequin Romance Novels Online for Free

While we definitely think paying for your romance novels is a must, there's a website that showcases talented writers and their work. Head over to to read harlequin romance novels online for free! All you have to do is sign up by making an account and you can read some of the best free romance novels online. From ebooks to "online reads" you can explore all types of harlequin genres.

Even better, you can pay to read some authors romance novels therein supporting talented writers everywhere!

Our Favorite Free Harlequin Romance Novels

1. His Manhattan Midnight Cinderella

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Written by: Carol Marinelli

What got our attention: "The champagne was as icy cold as a New York Christmas Eve night and the music was sublime. Felicia really wasn't needed, because Naomi truly was the belle of the ball—turning heads wherever she went. "

2. Second Chance Cowboy

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Written by: Maureen Child

What got our attention: "Fear rose up and closed her throat, then was wiped away in a wave of relief that was accompanied by the almost irresistible urge to give the light of her life a good swat on the butt. If Reese hadn't seen him...if Brody had managed to open that door... Well, those mental images would keep her awake all night."

3. The Earl’s Villa Rosa Bride

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Written by: Jessica Gilmore

What got our attention: "A mouth he knew as well as he knew his own. A mouth he'd been trying not to look at for the last six months. Until last night, when temptation had been too much and he'd succumbed to its lushness, its promise, its sweetness for just a few intoxicating seconds. And now he knew, knew how she tasted, how that heavy fall of hair felt in his hands, the way her body fit against his. He knew and he had to forget. Elisaveta was his assistant – and he had a fiancée."

4. Blueprint for Temptation

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Written by: Andrea Laurence

What got our attention: "His lips looked temptingly soft and kissable, something that had taunted her all through dinner. She wouldn't exactly call their evening relaxing, though. Every inch of her body was strung tight with the dynamic tension that had built up inside of her with just a simple look from him."

5. Turning Pointe

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Written by: Katherine Locke

What got our attention: "His fingers walk slowly up my leg, from my knee to my thigh. I shiver and his arm shifts against my nose and mouth when he laughs. "Ticklish, Alyona?"

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