4 Common Question About Gray Pubic Hair, Answered

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Step one: calm down.

Gray Hair Common Questions, Answered

You have them and we answered them. All your gray pubic hair common questions are below and we've found the best answers about your gray questions. While it might be annoying or alarming to find a gray down there, it's completely normal and natural. Learn more about gray pubic hair below.

Does Pubic Hair Turn Gray?

Yes, yes it does. Depending on genetics and aging, your hair follicles can turn gray downstairs. While it's hard to tell when your hair (on top and below) will turn gray, ask your parents when they started to change color and you might have a better timeframe. Your hair might turn gray faster than your pubic hair, again, it's tied to aging and genetics.

What Causes Gray Pubic Hair?

So you might be curious as to what causes gray pubic hair? The same reason your hair turns gray as you get older, duh! Your hair follicles contain melanin, a pigment that establishes hair color. As you age, your body produces less melanin, causing hair follicles that are void of color. Less pigmentation means more white hair! Same goes for your basement.

How to Get Rid of Grey Pubic Hair

If you're like Samantha Jones from Sex and the City (see video above) and want to get rid of your gray pubic hair, you have some choices:

  1. Good old fashion shave

  2. Good old fashion bikini (or for the brave Brazilian) wax

  3. Hair dye

As seen by this incredibly perky YouTube star, dying your pubic hair isn't as easy as it may seem but if it's worth it to you, watch below.

Can Men Get Gray Pubic Hair?

Yes, even men get gray pubic hair. Genetics and pigmentation don't discriminate and men can see gray hair down there, too. If you're a smoker or don't consume enough protein, graying hair might start sooner for you. While men who go gray can look like George Clooney, they aren't safe from graying pubic hair, mwahahaha!

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