15 Perfect Graduation Gifts For Her

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15 Perfect Graduation Gifts For Her

Graduation season is upon us. What better way to celebrate the graduate in your life than with gifts! From books to apartment must-haves, we've got you covered to keep the graduating lady in your life happy and healthy.

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The Container Store

1. Round Hamper

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Ooooookay, maybe not the coolest thing to give to someone finishing school but it will be used everyday! It's cute, lightweight, and easy to maneuver.

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2. What We Were Promised by Lucy Tan

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In the vein of Crazy Rich Asians comes a story of the Zhen family. After chasing the American dream they move back to China and question everything about themselves. From fitting in culturally, family dynamics, and self-worth, the story will resonate with anyone who is uncertain and fearful about their future.

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3. Madewell Blouse

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No more tank tops and shorts! Time to get a proper professional wardrobe.

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4. Anthropologie Duvet Covers

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Nows the time to upgrade bedding, too. No more mismatched sheets, covers, and pillow cases.

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S'Well Water Bottles

5. S'Well Water Bottle

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Remind her to stay hydrated. It's your duty.

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6. Picture Frames

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With a new life ahead of her, why not get some cute frames for her new abode. Unlike time with her family, the more the merrier!

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7. Wine Subscription

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If she likes wine, she'll LOVE this gift. Winc delivers curated wines to your door, monthly. Cheaper and easier than going to a liquor store every day, she'll toast to you.

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8. A Hulu Subscription

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I would graduate all over again if I knew someone would pay for my Hulu account. It's cheap, simple, and fantastic. She'll save money on cable and you'll likely be her favorite person, ever.

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9. Planners, Calendars, & Agendas

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Long are the days of simple class schedules. She'll need all the help she can get to stay organized.

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10. High-Tech Suitcase

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It's hard to buy yourself luggage, it's not the most exciting gift ever but it is a necessity. She can now fly and visit you with this sleek suitcase -- it has a USB port so she can charge her phone!

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Sur la Table

11. The Ultimate Cooking Utensil Set

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Everything your little chef will need to cook in her tiny apartment kitchen. And if you're lucky maybe you'll get a dinner invitation.

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12. H&M Dress

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Girlfriend deserves some nice new clothes. And what a perfect combination of cute & business classy.

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Bauble Bar

13. Initial Necklace

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Personalizing a nice piece of jewelry is simple, elegant, and extremely thoughtful. She'll wear it and think of you!

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14. Awesome Candle

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This candle smells amazing, just get it. She won't be disappointed!

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Cost Plus World Market

15. White Stacking Bowls

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With a sleek design and a space saving technique, any recent graduate will appreciate this necessary gift.