The Top 10 Netflix Halloween Picks For Your Next Girls Night In

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These movies are scary good.

All Hallows Eve!

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to prepare than by watching some spooky movies! You'll find something for everyone. From nice and clean witch movies to pee-your-pants horror, grab your girlfriends and a bottle of wine! Each movie has a "baby rating" to ensure you don't watch something that gives you nightmares!

1. Practical Magic

This movie caught a cult following and aren't we thankful. Starring fresh-faced Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock, the story tells a tale of two sisters with two very different approaches with magic. From midnight margaritas to blue eyed men this movie is delightful.

BABY LEVEL: 1, the only scary thing is the bad CGI.

2. The Babysitter

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A new Netflix movie brings the laughs and the gore. Cole is getting too old for a babysitter but he loves his gorgeous caretaker so much, he allows her to watch him for a weekend. When he wakes up in the middle of the night to find his seemingly sweet babysitter is hosting a satanic ritual, things get strange. It's funny, and quick which makes for a fun time.

BABY LEVEL: 5, lots of blood, lots of silly death scenes, no nightmares.

3. The Witches of Eastwick

A movie starring Cher, Susan Sarandon, and Michelle Pfeiffer. Color me lucky. The movie depicts the relationship between three friends falling for the same man, Jack Nicholson as Daryl Van Horne, in a small, stuffy town. They obtain magical powers in the nick of time and come together to fight evil. With fantastic hair styles and notorious 80s outfits, this is a classic witchy tale.

BABY LEVEL: 3, a pretty nasty scene involving cherries might make you think twice before eating them again.

4. The Craft

A group of outcasts practice their powers, but at what cost? This cult classic has transcended time and remained a "must-watch" witch movie since it's release. If you haven't pulled together a halloween costume yet, you might find inspiration with this girl gang.

BABY LEVEL: 2, some uncomfortable self-harm images might make you squeamish. And snakes. Lots of snakes.

5. Coraline

If 3D Stop Motion is more your speed then Coraline might be your movie. When her family moves to a new town, Coraline finds a door to an alternate, but much better, universe. When the lines become blurred between her two worlds, she must make her real life whole again.

BABY LEVEL: 1, there's a creepy song that seems unsettling for a PG movie.

6. The Addams Family

With the holidays right around the corner, this movie might make you feel better about your family. With members like Wednesday Addams, who hates almost everything to the strange Uncle Fester, this movie has a character for everybody. Your obnoxious cousin might seem a little more bearable.

BABY LEVEL: 0, unless a rogue hand creeps you out.

7. Hush

A little horror movie that packs a punch, Hush is not for the faint of heart. A single deaf woman, Maddie, lives alone in the woods. What could go wrong, right? Filled with jumps and scares, it's a truly good movie. Regardless, you might sleep with your phone charged and ready to go next to you.

BABY LEVEL: 8, the amount of blood may be average for a horror movie but the psychological torture you will work yourself into isn't for wimps.

8. The Witch

A slow burn to say the least, this movie made $40 million at the box office. A story of a family who moves in thanks to colonial panic, The Witch gives you an appreciation for modern times. The ending is worth the wait and will leave you FEELING things.

BABY LEVEL: 3.5, weird family dynamic and strange kids might make you feel uncomfortable in your own home.

9. Housebound

A movie very few people have heard about, which is unfortunate because it's such a good time. When a troubled woman is sentenced to house arrest with her kooky mother, things don't appear as they seem. Both creepy and funny, Housebound is a good time. This New Zealand film that doesn't disappoint.

BABY LEVEL: 5, most scary things have humor around the corner and the end will leave you delighted.

10. The Conjuring

A pee your pants kinda movie! So, if you get scared by creaky floorboards, you better skip this one. A family moves into a new house where spirits are not fond of their new roommates. The movie is based on a real life couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who would helped families experiencing paranormal activities. This movie was so popular, it garnered a sequel, a spin-off movie, and a rumored third film.

BABY LEVEL: 7.5, not for violence or gore but for jumps and HOLY SH%& moments.