22 Funny Mother's Day Quotes That Will Make Your Moms Day

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Let's make mom laugh!

These Funny Mother's Day Quotes Will Have Your Mom Laughing... Hard

It's time we celebrate mom, don't you think?

Whether she's your biological mom, stepmother, or a woman who raised you, send her some funny Mother's Day quotes to really make her day a bit lighter. Mother's Day quotes are a sweet way to show you're thinking about her. All moms are superheroes so make her laugh with the following 22 Mother's Day quotes that are so funny mainly because they're very true.

If you don't have time to get her a gift just send a sweet message and a quote to go along with it. Your mom works hard so show some gratitude this Mother's Day.

Funny Quotes for Mother's Day

  • "You've always been a great mom because of your patience, sense of humor, and fondness for daytime drinking." - Unknown

  • "Ah, babies! They're more than just adorable little creatures on whom you can blame your farts." - Tina Fey

  • "A good mother lets you lick the mixing beaters. A great mother remembers to turn off the beater." - Unknown

  • "Cause of you she pees when she coughs, send her flowers this Mother's Day." - Unknown

  • "Mom, I couldn't afford a gift so I made you some stretch marks." - Unknown

  • "I always say if you aren't yelling at your kids, you're not spending enough time with them." - Reese Witherspoon

  • "No one told me I'd be coming home in diapers, too." - Chrissy Teigen

  • "Dear mom, thank you for keeping all the bad stuff I did from Dad." - Unknown

  • "Being a mom has made me really tired and so happy." - Tina Fey

Funny Mother's Day Quotes

  • "Silence is golden. Unless you have kids, then silence is just suspicious." - Unknown

  • "Motherhood. It takes patience, humor, and a lot of wet towelettes." - Unknown

  • "Parenting is f--king hard." - Adele

  • "It'd be cool if my kids could make something I actually want like a bottle of wine out of macaroni."

  • "She taught me that fear is not an option." - Diana Von Furstenberg

  • "My mother told me a million times not to exaggerate." - Unknown

Funny Happy Mother's Day Quotes for Mom

  • "Mothers of teens know why some animals eat their young." - Unknown

    • "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I am my mother after all." - Unknown
    • "It's not easy being a mom. If it were easy, fathers would do it." - Betty White
    • "Motherhood: Powered by love. Sustained by wine." - Unknown
    • "I don't care how old I am, if I lose my mom in the supermarket, I will panic." - Unknown
    • "You sure do make good looking babies!" - Unknown
    • "Happy Mother's Day, sorry I wrecked your vagina!" - Unknown

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