7 Funny Horror Movies Perfect for the Scaredy Cat in All of Us

Samara Weaving as Grace in 'Ready or Not' laughing in a wedding dress with a braid in her hair
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Scary but funny but scary.

If You Scare Easily, These 7 Funny Horror Movies Won't Give You a Fright

If you want to like horrorr movies but can't get over the bloods, guts, and gore, we have some alternatives in mind. While, yes, some of these movies are bloody and creepy they also come from a humorous place. In fact, most are funnier than the are scary. If you detest movies that cause you nightmares, take a look at some of the funny horror movies below and see if you can sit through the entire thing. From movies about the final girl (a popular horror troupe) to outright devilish plots, you'll have a spooky good time.

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1. The Final Girls

The Final Girls didn't get the press it deserved when it came out a few years ago. It's campy, fun, and colorful. And while it's an homage to slasher films (specifically those that take place at camp) it is humorous and full of heart. If you're anything like me you'll shed a tear every time you hear Kim Carnes Bette Davis Eyes.

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2. Housebound

At first glance, Housebound looks like an average haunted house horror movie. But it is so much more! It's hilarious and so, so sweet. If you usually have nightmares after watching horror films, I promise you, you'll be able to sleep without a nightlight after watching this New Zealand hit.

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3. Ready or Not

While this movie might be a bit gorier than you might like, it is not scary! In fact, when I saw it in theaters more people laughed than anything. The cast is so much fun to watch and the ending will actually make you laugh out loud.

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4. Scream

Scream to the core, is a comedy. It's incredible how meta it is, even years after it's release. Because I was young when it came out, everything about it terrified me. But a second screening as an adult proves that it aged well but still made me laugh.

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5. Midsommar

I was on the edge of my seat for the first part of Midsommar but once the anticipation subsided, I was able to laugh at the ridiculousness of the ending. I think the scariest part of the film was the unknown, I had no idea what the movie was really about. And of course, that made it uncomfortable but in reality, it's just a bizarre movie with ridiculous scenes sprinkled in.

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6. Happy Death Day

I was pleasantly surprised with Happy Death Day. Tree Gelbman is doomed to live out the same day over and over again except she's killed by a mysterious slayer each and every time. It's up to her to figure out who is killing her and how to escape the endless loop of death. It's unique and refreshing and the acting is superb. There might be some jump scares that get you but you'll be laughing the entire time.

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7. The Babysitter

Minus the large amount of blood, The Babysitter is such a fun movie. You'll root for the good guy and enjoy watching the bad ones fall. It might seem like a classic horror film but it's anything but! You'll catch yourself smiling through the majority of the gore.

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