Read 55 Terrifying Freddy Krueger Quotes With A Light On

Freddy Krueger laughing wearing his signature hat and red and black striped sweater with his sharp hand in frame
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Prove How Brave You Are By Reading 55 Freddy Krueger Quotes

While Freddy Kreuger might be one of the biggest jerks in all horror movies, his one liners are actually pretty funny.

The Nightmare on Elm Street films are truly scary (imagine not being able to sleep!!) and Freddy Kreuger is he's truly evil. With is iconic sweater in hand, he's been scaring audiences since the 80s. And because horror movies get remade time and time again, we've seen a more modern version of this scary character every few years. Whether you're a fan of horror movies or are getting excited for halloween the following Freddy Kreuger quotes will inspire you to watch the classic series yet again.

Best Freddy Krueger Quotes

  • "Tell ‘em Freddy sent ya!"

  • "Well it ain’t Dr. Seuss."

  • "Wanna join your little friend?"

  • "I'm your boyfriend now Nancy!"

  • "Why are you screaming? I haven't even caught you yet."

  • "Why are you screaming? I haven’t even cut you yet."

  • "This.. is God."

  • "Put your pedal to the metal, man… Buckle up, dear."

  • "Come to Freddy."

  • "I'm here!"

  • "Welcome to Wonderland, Alice."

  • "Nancy, help me, please. Save me from... Freddy!"

  • "I'll kill you slow!"

  • "Hey, Nancy. No running in the hallway."

  • "You can check in, but you can’t check out."

  • "Your shift is over."

Freddy Krueger Quotes

  • "This boy feels the need for speed…"

  • "Your eyes say ‘no, no,’ but my mouth says ‘yes, yes'."

  • "I'm going to split you in two."

  • "You think you was gonna get away from me?"

  • "You’ve got their powers, I’ve got their souls."

  • "It’s not my fault this bitch is dead on her feet."

  • "It’s time to put this bad dog to sleep for good."

  • "Now you die."

  • "How sweet. Dark meat."

  • "You shouldn’t have buried me… I’m not dead."

  • "Hi, Alice. Wanna make babies?"

  • "Welcome to my world, bitch. I should warn you, princess, first time tends to get a little messy."

  • "Your mouth says no, but your body says yes."

  • "Do you really think your boyfriend can wake you up? I’m your boyfriend now."

  • "A true warrior needs no eyes… Ninja warriors have calm. Find your balance, Rick!... Sayonara, Rick-san!"

  • "He’ll die with me… He’ll die with both of us."

  • "Every town has an Elm Street."

Freddy Krueger Quotes

  • "You think you’ve got what it takes? I’ve been guarding my gate for a long time, bitch… I am eternal."

  • "You look tired. Have a seat."

  • "It’s the chair for you, kid."

  • "When you wake up, it’s back in the saddle again."

  • "Now why don’t you just fucking die!"

  • "Let me handle this bitch."

  • "You are all my children, now."

  • "Tag, you’re it."

  • "The souls of children give me strength. Always room for more."

  • "Wake up. You’re bleeding."

  • "We taught her a lot but there’s so much more to learn. How about this, doc."

  • "Think you’re so smart, huh, bitch."

  • "Where you going, piglet? They party’s just started."

  • "I didn’t need a glove to kill your bitch of a mother and I don’t need one now."

  • "Did you know that after the heart stops beating, the brain keeps functioning for well over seven minutes? We got six more minutes to play."

  • "3… 2… 1… Ready or not, here I COME!"

  • "Hey, asshole. Up here."

  • "I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little soul too!"

  • "Look Joey… All the little piggies have come home."

  • "Come here, my little piggy. I got some gingerbread for ya."

  • "Meet your maker."

  • "Sorry to keep you waiting. Perhaps if there were more of me to spread around."

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