Faith Hill Lyrics for the Sweetest Instagram Captions

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'Breathe' via Warner Bros Nashville

Faith Hill lyrics will get you all the 'likes' on Instagram.

Faith Hill Lyrics for Instagram Captions

You might have fond memories of listening to Faith Hill in the early to mid 2000's but she's been creating hits ever since. Married to country music superstar Tim McGraw ,they are now on a worldwide tour. From fun songs like, 'This Kiss' and 'Breathe', you should quote Faith Hill's lyrics for your Instagram captions.

• "I don't want another heartbreak"

• "But you got me like a rocket shooting straight across the sky"

• "It' s the way you love me"

• "It's a feeling like this"

• "This kiss, this kiss"

• You can kiss me in the moonlight on the rooftop under the sky"

• "You can kiss me with the windows open while the rain comes pouring inside"

• "Kiss me in sweet slow motion let's let everything slide"

• "You got me floating you got me flying"

• "If I could win your heart if you'd let me in your heart I'd be so happy, baby"

• "Just to hear you say that you love me"

• "I'd climb right up to the sky I'd take down the stars just to be in your arms, baby"

• "I can feel the magic floating in the air"

• "I watch the sunlight dance across your face and I've never been this swept away"

• "All my thoughts just seem to settle on the breeze"

• "When I'm lying wrapped up in your arms the whole world just fades away"

• "Cause I can feel you breathe it's washing over me"

• "Suddenly I'm melting into you"

• "There's nothing left to prove baby all we need is just to be"

• "The slow and steady rush baby, isn't that the way that love's supposed to be"

• "I can feel you breathe"

• "So cry just a little for me"

• "If your love could be caged, honey I would hold the key"

• "I dont want pity I just want what is mine"

What a year! See you in 2018. #soul2soul #TheRestOfOurLife

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• "If you're gonna fly away don't fly without me"

• "I wish I could say hold the right things to make your pain go away"

• "When the world is falling down just kneel with me and pray"

• "What matters today won't matter tomorrow"

• "Care all your blessing, settle all your sorrow"

• "Cause a Mississippi girl don't change her ways"

• "That I'm different than I was back then but in my soul I know that I'm the same way"

• "I still like wearing my old ball cap"

• "I'm gonna wear you down, I'm gonna make you see, I'm gonna get to you-- you're gonna give in to me"

Last night in Columbus, OH. #soul2soul

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