6 Experience Gifts for Dads That Are Way Better Than Presents

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Give the gift of quality time!

6 Experience Gifts for Dads That Are Way Better Than Presents

Can't think of a great gift idea for dad this year? Does he have everything he wants already? Why not ditch the presents this year and give an experience instead of a gift. He probably just wants to spend time with his family, so join in on the action!

Experience gifts for dads are easy to buy and find. We did the hard work for you! If you're dad loves golf, we got his experience below. If your dad is the next Food Channel Star, we have a cooking class ready to go. There's something for every type of dad, so ditch the slippers this year and give him an experience he'll remember forever.

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1. Tickets

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Buy an experience from Ticketmaster here!

Does he love a good concert? How about a sporting event? Make sure to grab two so you can join in on the experience gift for your dad. Experiencing an event together is a great way to bond and make memories. If you're not sure what he wants to go see, give him a gift card and you can plan an outing together in the future.

2. Stock Car Ride Along

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Buy an experience from Cloud9Living here!

Does your dad love cars? Share this unforgettable experience with him. He gets to ride shotgun in a 600 horsepower Spirit Cup style car. With multiple locations, you can choose an experience near you. So forgo the slippers this year, dad will want this experience instead.

3. Soothe: In Home Massage

via Soothe

Buy an experience from iTunes here!

Soothe is a massage app that directs masseuses straight to your door! Your dad won't have to leave the house to get pampered. Let's face it, we all need to relax, even dads. Soothe sends message therapists to your home with all the necessary items to help aid in relaxation. Download the app from iTunes and your Dad will be pleasantly surprised when he doesn't have to leave his warm abode to get a massage.

4. Cooking Lessons from Sur la Table

via Sur la Table

Buy an experience from Sur la Table here!

Does dad need some help in the kitchen? Teach him how to cook with this awesome Sur la Table cooking lesson. You can join him and brush up on your knife skills. Maybe your dad loves to cook and wants to teach you his favorite recipes! Whatever the reason may be, this is a great experience for dads everywhere.

5. Golf Lessons with a PGA Pro

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Buy an experience from Cloud9Living here!

Calling all golf-lovers, your dad will lose his mind with this experience. Your dad will get a private lesson from a PGA professional, that's right, alone time with a golf pro. Choose from a variety of locations to best accomodate your dads schedule. Maybe he'll learn a thing or two!

6. Book Lodging for a Family Vacation

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Buy an experience from Airbnb here!

How about taking your old man on a vacation? Or at least help him with itinerary? Airbnb is a perfect place to start your planning your travels as you'll need a place to stay. So round up the family and figure out where you want to go then book your lodging. He'll get to spend time with his family while in the comfort of a home. Airbnb now offers experience packages so you can snag surf lessons or cooking lessons wherever you go.

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