Eric Church Lyrics That Work Well for Instagram Captions

Eric Church, country music
'Record Year' via EMI Records Nashville

Maybe you'll have a 'record year' thanks to Eric Church!

45 Eric Church Lyrics That You Should Use As Instagram Captions

I've been a fan of Eric Church since he came onto the scene with 'Two Pink Lines' and I must say, he's only gotten better from there. Also, (I've thought about this a lot) but his name translated in Spanish would be Enrique Iglesias. Isn't that the best thing you've read all day? Okay technically, Enrique is Henry but it's funnier if you don't think too much about it. Eric Church has many great country lyrics, all suitable for your next Instagram caption. Enjoy!

• "Turn the quiet up, turn the noise down, let this ol' world just spin around"

• "I wanna feel it swing, wanna feel it sway"

• "And put some feel good in my soul"

• "Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke"

• "I set my sails for a new direction but the wind got in my way"

• "Little more right now, a little less what's next"

• "Act like tomorrow's ten years away"

• "And just kick back and let the feelin' flow"

• "Kick back, gives the blues a spin -break out the wine, forget again - dig down deep, find my stash -light it up, memory crash"

• "And hell yes I love my truck but I want you to know, honey I love your love the most"

• "I carry you in my heart your memory comes over me like the dark"

• "Oh Carolina, ya keep callin me home, callin' me home"

• "It's just another song about missing you"

• "Like a phone call from my baby, sayin honey I miss ya, I miss ya like crazy"

• "Just like the song of a siren song"

• "Yeah she's heaven on the eyes but boy she's hell on the heart"

• "Yeah she's good when she's bad, she's cute when she's mad"

• "Homeboy your gonna wish one day you were sittin' on the gate of a truck by the lake"

• "I come from a long line of sinners like me"

• "So God sends girls like you for guys like me"

• "We're just sittin around waiting on two pink lines"

• "I'm probably past the point where I should give it a rest"

• "She's as pretty as a picture, every bit as funny as she is smart"

• "Your old ticker's gonna beat you half to death"

• "Head to the future, run from the past, hide from the mirror, and live in a glass"

• "Fill it up or throw it down, I'm about to tear a new one in this old town"

• "All you gotta do is put a drink in my hand"

• "The devil, man, no, he don't stand a chance, cause she loves me like Jesus does"

• "All the crazy in my dreams and both my broken wings"

• "You can't hold back the hands of time"

• "Even though you're a million miles away, when you hear Born In The USA, you relive those glory days so long ago"

• "Like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night Springsteen"

• "Now it's over when it's over, ain't it, baby, ain't it?"

• "We had it in the air, but just couldn't land it"

• "This ain't no gone for good drill, or no goodbye false alarm, it's over"

• "To Talladega, boys raise the whiskey in your glass, here's to turn it up"

• "Give me back my hometown, cause this is my hometown"

• "Keep the wind at our front, and the hell at our back"

• "A band of brothers together, alone, the Outsiders"

• "We're the riders, we're the ones burning rubber off our tires"

• "I'd turn "lies" and "hate" to "love" and "truth" -if I could only kill a word"

• "Your good-and-gone keeps me up all night"

• "Since you had to walk on outta here, I've been havin' a record year"

• "If you find your way back, I owe you a beer"

• "I'm either gonna get over you or I'm gonna blow out my ears"