Everything You Need to Know About Diets for Adult Acne

diets for adult acne
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Time to make some changes.

Have Pesky Adult Acne? Try Changing Your Diet and Eating Habits

Acne truly sucks.

No matter how old you are, getting blemishes, pimples, or splotches on your face, neck, or other regions is annoying, to say the least. Some people go to extreme lengths to cure their acne, while others have been on the same regimen since they were teenagers.

And sadly, acne doesn't always go away once you enter adulthood. Those pesky bumps can affect people of all ages, regardless of skincare regimens. So why not try attacking acne from the inside? Changing your diet to combat adult acne could prove worthy of your time.

Adding a healthier diet into your day-to-day could spark some serious changes. Here's why changing your diet for adult acne might be worth trying.

Say Goodbye to Soda, Hello to Kombucha

Soda is bad. We all know this. All that sugar does not help your adult acne or skin. Drinking copious amounts of soda (yes, even diet) is not helping you fight acne from the inside out. If you need carbonation or are looking for an alternative to soda, try sparkling water or kombucha.

Eat the Whole Egg, Not Just the White

Eating egg whites might be the healthy alternative, but you're missing important vitamins when you skip out on the yolk. Consuming the whole egg will help your skin with clearness, elasticity, and protect the skin from dryness and acne. A hard-boiled egg does wonders to acne-prone skin.

RIP Alcohol

You knew this one was coming. Alcohol is not only high in sugar, but it's another inflammation trigger. Alcohol can create a zinc deficiency which is an ingredient in fighting acne. So too much alcohol (and the various other problems with overconsumption) wards off zinc, which can help protect collagen and elasticity.

Diets for Adult Acne

Adding such essential vitamins and fatty acids into your diet can help treat adult acne from the inside. By incorporating such ingredients into your cooking, meals, and snacks, you might see results due in part to what you're cutting out, and now supplementing in your meals.

Vitamin E

Foods that include Vitamin E: sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, avocado, mango

Essential Fatty Acids

Foods that include Essential Fatty Acids: flaxseeds, walnuts, wheat germ, black beans, kidney beans, edamame, winter squash.


Foods that include Zinc: oysters, beans, nuts, lobster (step away from the butter...), lentils

Vitamin A

Foods that include Vitamin A: sweet potato, carrots, spinach, kale, collard greens

Vitamin B3

Foods that include Vitamin B3: turkey, salmon, anchovies, tuna, chicken breast

Acne Prevention

Start eating, snacking, or cooking with:

  • tomatoes

  • blueberries

  • carrots

  • apricots

  • sweet potatoes

  • spinach

  • brown rice

  • quinoa

  • salmon (or trout)

  • turkey

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