The Best Poetry on the Internet is on Commaful Right Now

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We Found Some of the Best Poetry on Commaful and Wow, We're Speechless

In honor of National Poetry Month we found some of best poetry on Commaful!

If you're looking for a place to self-publish you have to check out Commaful, a website dedicated to sharing stories online. If you love fanfiction, poetry, or other fandoms, it's the perfect place for you. And if you have a million stories ready to flow out of you at any moment, it's a great place to share your talents with likeminded people.

Commaful poetry is abundant and there are so many talented writers typing away. If you love the genre or want to feel inspired, take a look at some beautiful poetry Commaful has to offer!

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1. Drool in Your Sleep

Author: friedchicken

  • "You used to lean against me on the kitchen counter. Blending our mouths into one-colored-lipstick".

  • "You're supposed to be just mine."

  • "Every night a battle of."

  • "You were weak, and did nothing."

  • "Look at you, drooling in your sleep."

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2. Celebrating Spring

Author: mipoet

  • "The breeze is gentle."

  • "Evergreens surround the field, and oaks stand proud."

  • "Soon, wandering into the trees."

  • "Sunbeams hit the forest floor."

  • "I close my eyes and feel the heat."

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3. Queen of Hearts

Author: Iqra

  • "Each day a repeated delusion of painted face, hidden rage."

  • "Squinting eyes, searching for a savior."

  • "Still painted with shades and hues."

  • "Now she was a Queen, crowned in freedom."

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4. Six Stages of Falling in Love

Author: kerryjohnstone

  • "From across the room she looks at you and you fall apart."

  • "Her eyes drowning you in a sea of longing and you know what this is it."

  • "The sound of her voice feels like home you notice it everywhere."

  • "Nothing can compare to the symphony that is her voice."

  • "You crave her kiss and only her kiss."

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5. Garden of Love

Author: weeklybrent

  • "There was a time when I forced myself to love a boy I barely knew."

  • "I forced myself to let him invade my thoughts as I picked hundreds of flower petals from their stems."

  • "I want to plant you a garden, one whose home is the very room that holds hundreds of wilted flower petals."

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6. The Lesser Me

Author: soothrain

  • "I belonged to the battlefield, and she to the nurse."

  • "A charm in her I sought, without her, I can't stem a life."

  • "All the pain she soused, in loathe she swam."

  • "She has all what in me you see, yes she's labelled, the lesser me."

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7. Breathe

Author: sugarcupcake

  • "Breathe me in, out do not suffocate, cough it out."

  • "Weak sparkle, nonetheless is there."

  • "Breathe me in, out."

  • "Unwilling to feel, still much care."

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8. What Is It?

Author: chhr2103

  • "Warm, cold, red velvet."

  • "I see it blooming, encapsulating colors."

  • "What is it? Have you felt it?"

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9. Empty Room

Author: hanniecakes

  • "I hear no response in this empty room full of people."

  • "I cry out for help."

  • "Wishing for someone to hear."

  • "Buy my voice echoes."

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10. Painted Red and Blue

Author: duskthoughts

  • "My body. His canvas."

  • "Hidden in a locked room I sketch a veil or liquid smiles."

  • "My skin is his muse and his alone."

  • "This painting screams with pain of lost love."

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Author: salmakhatoon918

  • "Buttery sweet lies."

  • "Moth traded soul for light, she trade her future for lies."

  • "Ornate venomous sympathy."

  • "Stars hidden in daylight."

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