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Campo Beauty
Campo Beauty: Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

When I sit down to interview entrepreneur Jessica Frandson, there's a profound yet unexplainable shift. Her energy is palpable, even through the phone. And not just that, she is so incredibly knowledgable, as proven by her resume, I am taken aback. Having worked for her father's company, Simple Green, she learned many important skills in running a business, which of course, she brings with her everywhere she goes.

Jessica's parents instilled a courageous form of fearlessness in the entrepreneur, which is evident by her successful track record. Now, Jessica Frandson is diving into a new project, Campo Beauty, where she wants to help consumers get what they need out of life: energy, relaxation, and focus. Alongside, childhood friend and co-founder Jill King, they created a company with the simple notion that you should "be the energy you want to attract". And boy, did she.

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Entrepreneurial Beginnings

Fashion and function played a big role in Frandson's next endeavor, Twistband. By merging the two she created an elastic hair-tie that wouldn't crease your hair, and act as an accessory on your wrist when you weren't using it. She realized, "if I could print on it, I could replace the Livestrong bracelet". Women across the US became infatuated with Twistband, and the Scrunchie 2.0 skyrocketed.

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Campo Beauty


Like most great ideas, Jessica and childhood friend, Jill shared a bottle of wine and realized they wanted to make essential oils modern and easy to use. Too many companies were complicating the process and they realized if essential oils were accessible, they could sell pre-blended and easy to use options. So began, Campo Beauty.

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Campo Beauty

Founding Mothers

Although male entrepreneurs are seldom asked how they juggle children and career, it isn't a question Frandson is bothered by. "I love being an entrepreneur, I have so much time with my daughter. I feel like with todays technology, you can work remotely and other organizations need to adopt that. I love that I can pick my daughter up from school, there's only so much time when they're little". And that was the beauty with Twistband for the working Mom. "I launched it with control, I could bounce her on my knee and then run back to the garage and start working. You need to have those opportunity to be there for your family". And her advice to young women, "think of a skill you can do remotely, is there room to turn that into a career? Because it's important to be available to your child and career".

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Campo Beauty

What's Next...

Campo Beauty isn't slowing down anytime soon. Fab Fit Fun has already featured the company in their subscription boxes, and Campo is participating in the upcoming 2018 WWD Beauty Summit. And down the road the ladies hope to "add more items to the line that compliment each other". But their goal is always the same, "create something digestible for people who are unfamiliar with essential oils, earning their trust and incorporating [the oils] into their daily lives". And with future retail goals like Goop, the company is just getting started. "It is so possible to manifest what you want" preaches Frandson. "I focused on three things and within days they would come to fruition, and good things happening, create a snowball effect". And her advice to other female entrepreneurs? "Being a good connection is an important value, the more you share, the more will come back. It feels good to help others".

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Campo Beauty

To learn more about Campo Beauty visit their website here.

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