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There's a New Toothbrush in Town: Meet Brüush, Your New Favorite Gadget

I recently went to the dentist and even though he told me I needed braces again (I laughed in his face!) it was a pleasant experience. No cavities were noticed and he told me I was doing a fine job brushing but needed to pay more attention to my back lower teeth (there's a proper term for them I'm sure) and he asked me what toothbrush I used.

Well, I love Target so I obviously buy those two for one Colgate or generic brand toothbrush. He scoffed and told me I should use an electric toothbrush (my boyfriend did an "I told you so" dance) and thus I knew I needed to up my tooth game, sans braces.

And just like that, the tooth Gods looked down upon me. I was sent a toothbrush in the mail. Not any toothbrush but a new, sleek design called Brüush.

I used Brüush with purpose, after all I am a writer, I have writing to do. But as the days turned into... more days... I found myself using my new Brüush over my trusty little blue guy. So suffice it to say, I'm an electric toothbrush user again and this time it's with Brüush.

About Brüush

The direct to consumer toothbrush company has created one of the sleekest designs for your mouth. Brüush is an affordable toothbrush delivered straight to door. No markups, no retailers, just straight to your door. The Brüush comes in three colors but all with the same simple and clean design. With a rechargeable battery, multiple cleaning modes, and the option to have your subscription brush head sent to your door in anticipation of you needing it, well, it's one of the best new companies out there. I had the privilege of using a Brüush of my very own and was pleasantly surprised with the product.

Brüush Review

I was sent Brüush and was pleasantly surprised when a jaunty UPS delivery man dropped it off at my desk. The packaging was crisp and clean probably a sign that the toothbrush would be too.

As you open the package you're greeted with a beautifully designed toothbrush. Longer than I expected, the Brüush was sleek looking. It's thin and light as well, two qualities I have appreciated since sink space is limited in my overpriced apartment. Underneath the toothbrush are all the accessories you'll need. Three brush heads, a magnetic charging stand, a USB power adapter, and a cool travel case are included. Bruush clearly knows their audience. Long are the days of buying a toothbrush and replacement heads from Costco.

When I got home that night I was excited to brush my teeth. There are six cleaning modes and you bet your ass I went through them all. Spelled out for you are: Daily, White, Gentle, Gum, Max, and Tongue. Depending on how you brush your teeth (or let's say, how you should brush your teeth) you can choose the setting that feels right for you in the moment. I used Daily and it was the perfect speed and frequency. I tried Gum out of curiosity and maybe because of my dentist and it was delightful. Lastly, I tried Tongue and although I was not a fan, some people might be.

I was really impressed with Brüush. There are a lot of fad subscription boxes on the market and all of them feel like they are trying to reach the same audience, millennials. But the ease of a subscription box knows no age and would actually be more convenient for say, my baby boomer parents who want to be reminded they need a new brush head. Thanks to the long-lasting battery I won't have to fight for sink space too often. Your dentist will appreciate your new toothbrush thanks in part to the two minute timer reminder and quad pacer. Brüush reminds you to focus on a different part of your mouth every 30 seconds.

I've had electronic toothbrushes in the past and the same thing happens every time. Either the battery dies and I can't find the charger thus leaving me with a useless "electronic" or I get lazy and don't buy new heads opting instead of getting a regular old toothbrush from Target. I hope that doesn't happen here but seeing as a new head is really more affordable than a Sonicare one, I hope that will motivate me to stick with using an electronic toothbrush.

But now, Brüush will combat my laziness and do all the hard work for me. Plus, it's cheaper than most electronic toothbrushes and that's something I'll always appreciate.

Update as of November 2019:

While yes, I loved my Brüush toothbrush, it crapped out on me. It almost made it a year but I'm a bit annoyed that the entire toothbrush simply won't work. I've attempted to charge it on multiple occasions, to no avail. I even ordered new brush heads on Amazon recently only to see that the entire brush has failed to charge or work. I wish this wasn't the case as I had a positive review for many months but I'd like an electronic toothbrush to work a little longer than ten months.

Update as of December 2019:

Well, to my surprise Brüush reached out and offered to send me a new toothbrush. I was absolutely blown away with the customer service and feel very well taken care of. It's a rarity to have a company care so much about their customers and their product. Buying from major retailers like Amazon might be convenient but this is an obvious case as to why buy directly from the brand, they follow up and care about your experience with their product. 10/10 would recommend!

Buy Your Very Own Brüush

Interested in trying out your very own Brüush? Lucky for you they are offering a 90 day risk-free trial, so you too can review it in the comfort of your own home.

Purchase your very own Brüush box, here.

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