20 Brothers Osborne Lyrics for Instagram Captions

Brothers Osborne, country music
'It Ain't My Fault' via Capitol Records Nashville

Your Instagram followers will 'Stay A Little Longer'.

Brothers Osborne Lyrics for Instagram Captions

Brothers Osborne is comprised of T.J. & John Osborne hailing from Maryland. You've probably heard 'Stay A Little Longer' or 'It Ain't My Fault' on the radio dozens of times! If you've been meaning to jazz up your Instagram captions let the Brothers Osborne help you with your gram!

• "Shoot from the hip"

• "High noon in a gun slingin' town"

• "Steel spurs klinking on the red dirt ground"

• "And it's dueces wild at the watering hole"

• "Sometimes the only peace maker is a hairpin trigger in a fingertip"

• "One more drink leads to another you slide up close to me"

• "One last kiss and then you're a goner"

• "And I'm here wishing you could stay a little longer"

• "So calm and so cool, yeah I try to be like it don't bother me"

• "Wishing you could stay a little longer..."

• "And like it just the way it is when you're dirt rich"

• "Laid back lax lettin' go and lovin' this"

• "Itty bitty slice of American pie some folks think it's all about the money, honey we're livin' proof that ain't right"

• "I hope you find the storm that you were chasing"

• "Hope your eyes are still as full of dreams"

• "I think about how you and that 21 summer made a man of me"

• "Mighta had a little fun lotta wrong I'd done but it ain't my fault"

• "I'm only guilty of a damn good time"

• "I've got some friends who'd love to go raise some hell"

• "Pour it on like a shot of whiskey and shoot me straight"