Use 31 Bridesmaids Movie Quotes On Your Wild Bachelorette

Kristen Wiig as Annie in Bridesmaids at the coffee shop
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"It's happening."

31 Bridesmaids Movie Quotes That Will Ensure A Wild Bachelorette Party

Bridesmaids is one of the funniest movies ever made. There, I said it.

To it's core, it's a story about friendship. How we grow, change, or come together as we get older. The movie was such a hit, it was nominated for an Oscar.

So if you are embarking on a bachelorette party or simply love the comedy, please enjoy some of the best Bridesmaids movie quotes.

Bridesmaids Movie Quotes

  • "Help me I'm poor..." - Annie

  • "At first I did not know it was your diary, I thought it was a very sad handwritten book." - Brynn

  • "Boom, whats up fuck buddy." - Ted

  • "I've seen better tennis playing in a tampon commercial." - Helen's stepson

  • "They are cute, but when they reach that age...disgusting, they smell, they are sticky, they say things that are horrible. Everything is covered in semen. I broke a blanket in half. Do you know where I'm going with that?" - Rita

  • "This should be open, cause it's civil rights. This is the '90s." - Annie

  • "Yeah 'oh shit'. Yeah 'oh shit'! Took a hard, violent fall, kinda pin-balled down there. Hit a lot of railings, broke a lot of shit! I'm not saying I survived, but I thrived. I met a dolphin down there, and I swear to God that dolphin looked, not at me, but into my soul. Into my God damn soul Annie! And it said, 'I'm saving you Megan'. Not with its mouth, but...I'm assuming telepathically? We had a connection, that I don't even know..Oh jeez...bla bla! Hey, shut my mouth! You must be Annie's fella? I'm Megan!" - Megan

  • "Female fight club. We grease up, we pull in. Lillian doesn't know so it's 'Surprise, we're going to fight!' We beat the shit out of her." - Megan

Quotes from Bridesmaids Movie

  • "Oh, all right. I'm glad he's single, cause I'm gonna climb that like a tree!" - Megan

  • "You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine!" - Becca

  • "Here I am. Put your American sausage in my English McMuffin." - Brynn

  • "You feel that steam heat? That's from my undercarriage." - Megan

  • "The other night I'm slaving away making a beautiful dinner for my family, my youngest boy comes in and says he wants to order a pizza. I said no, we're not ordering pizza tonight. He goes, mom why don't you go and fuck yourself! He's nine!" - Rita

  • "It's happening. It's happening. It happened." - Lillian

  • "Who's ready to partyyyyyyy!?" - Annie

  • "Why can't you be happy for me, and then go home and talk about me behind my back like a normal person?" - Lillian

  • "I would like to apologize. I'm not confident which end that came out of." - Megan

  • "What kind of a name is 'Stove' anyway? What're you a kitchen appliance or something?" - Annie

Funny Bridesmaids Movie Quotes

  • "Do you want to tell a cop about it? We're just like priests except we would tell everybody afterwards." - Rhodes

  • "Really quick! Speaking of Consuelo, Lillian and I took Spanish together in school. And so, I would just like to say to you and to everyone here…gracias para vivar en la casa, en la escuelas, en la azul…marcada. Tienes con bibir en las fortchtwasa. And gracias!" - Annie

  • "Excuse me…um, could I have a glass of alcohol when you get a chance?" - Becca

  • "I got a free tattoo. I could not believe it. The guy said, "do you want a tattoo?," opened up the side of his van and said "it's fo' free!" So I said, "sure." It's a Mexican drinking worm. It's like a Native American symbol meaning wasted." - Brynn

  • "It's just, it's the first time I've ever seen you look ugly. It makes me kinda happy." - Annie

  • "Look away! What did we eat?! The sink's a goner! It's comin' outta me like lava!" - Megan

  • "What woman gives another woman a trip to Paris? Am I right? Lesbian! We're all thinking it, aren't we?" - Annie

  • " I just feel like I'm excited…and I feel relaxed…and I'm ready….to paaaaaartyyyyy! With the best of them…And I'm gonna go down to the river!" - Annie

  • "Not for me. I naturally just don't bloat." - Megan

  • "Oh, s***, that is fresh!" - Annie

  • "It's a good tub. I slept there for my 30th birthday." - Annie

  • "You told me not to bleach my butt-hole, and I did it anyway, and now I love my new bleached butt-hole!" - Lillian

  • "Did you actually think that this group of women would eat that cookie? You know what, that reminds me, I haven't had a chance to try that fucking cookie." - Annie

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