10 Bookstore Instagram Accounts That You Should Follow ASAP

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10 Bookstore Instagram Accounts That Are So Cute You'll Squeal

Bookstores are the best, aren't they?

Even if you don't love books (gasp!) you have to recognize the serenity of a bookstore. Independent bookstores are quaint and charming and Barnes and Noble allows you to get lost, be it in the wide variety of books or vast floorspace amongst shelves. Bookstores, of course, are beloved by book worms for very obvious reasons.

Instagram is a great tool for inspiration and creativity. The platform does have problems (read braggadocious behavior) but it can help distract you during a bad day at work or inspire you to do something for yourself. That's why we found some of the best bookstore Instagram accounts that allow you to do just that, escape from your daily life and pop into a friendly store of books.

Take a look at some of the coolest bookstore Instagram accounts, who knows maybe they'll inspire you to read!

1. Vroman's

Located in Pasadena, California Vroman's has been operating in the sunny city since 1894. Not only do they have a huge selection of books but you can enjoy a wide variety of authors and speakers who take time to visit SoCal's oldest and largest independent bookstore.

2. The Strand Bookstore

Of course, the largest indie bookstore in New York City has to be part of this list. A woman owns The Strand Bookstore so you know it's in good hands. Start following this Instagram account so you're up to date with all the amazing events and speaker series.

3. The Last Bookstore

This is one of the coolest looking bookstores in the country and their Instagram does it justice. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, The Last Bookstore is a sight to be seen.

4. Books Are Magic

Books are magic and the Books Are Magic Instagram account is living proof! Take a look at some of the coolest happenings in the literary world through the lens of one Brooklyn bookstore. Owned and operated by two authors, Emma Straub and Michael Fusco-Straub, book lovers are in good hands.

5. National Bookstore

The ultimate destination for books, National Bookstore is a great Instagram account to follow as they will let you know all about the latest releases. And if that wasn't enough they sell some pretty cool art as well.

6. Politics and Prose

If you find yourself in the DC area without a book, stop by Politics and Prose to find a great read. In the meantime, you should follow the exciting Instagram account of one of the most beloved bookstores in America.

7. Bart's Books

Bart's Books is one of the most unique bookstores in the country. Nestled in beautiful Ojai, California, Bart's has a different approach to bookstores. The books placed on the exterior of the building are part of an honor code, take one but leave one of your own.

8. Literati Bookstore

Literati Bookstore calls Ann Arbor, Michigan home and this quaint bookstore will brighten your day when scrolling through Instagram.

9. Atlantis Books

You might want a vacation when you follow Atlantis Books and we don't blame you. The bookstore is idyllic and you'll love following along, learning about all the books from Greece.

10. Albertine Books

Albertine Books will take your breath away. Maybe you'll be inspired to visit a local bookstore or travel to New York to visit this one but thanks to Instagram, you can view it from afar.

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