28 Bob's Burgers Quotes That'll Have You Snickering

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Experience the family all the time.

Your Life Will Be A Lot Better When You Read Some Bob's Burgers Quotes

Bob's Burgers follows the hysterical Belcher family. Patriarch, Bob runs his very own restaurant with help from his eccentric life, Linda and equally entertaining children; Tina, Louise, and Gene. And now you can quote them!

If you don't love cartoons, I get it, I didn't either. That is until I watched one episode and now I'm completely hooked. The FOX show is hilarious, delightful, and the perfect show to watch when you want to relax. It's not as grotesque or offensive as other comedies, I can guarantee you that!

If you want a good laugh or a reason to tune into to FOX every Sunday, take a look at some of the best Bob's Burgers quotes!

Bob's Burgers Tina Quotes

  • "Time for the charm bomb to explode."

  • "Oh, its okay. I guess I wasn't meant to have a good life."

  • "Your ass is grass and I'm gonna mow it."

  • "That goes in the butt bank."

  • "Yes. I wear glasses not hearing aids, Mom."

  • "Just when I think I'm out, those cheeks pull me right back in."

  • "The plot has got some holes, but also a w-hole lot of heart."

Bob's Burgers Louise Quotes

  • "You could sell your soul. I did, and look at me!"

  • "You're peddling like crazy and not getting anywhere, just like your life."

  • "Save the drama for the phone call from your mama."

  • "Quiet dignity? Have you met us?!"

  • "Your room looks like it was decorated by a perverted jockey."

  • "Almost dying is the best part of living."

  • "What is this feeling I'm feeling right now? It's like I'm sad, for another person? Is that a thing?"

Bob's Burgers Linda Quotes

  • "When I die I want you to cremate me and throw me in Tom Selleck's face."

  • "No boys, no parties, no summoning spirits."

  • "Forecast calls for fabulous!"

  • "Are you drunk enough to be any fun yet?"

  • "Mommy doesn't get drunk. She just has fun."

  • "Hey open up wine! Linda's coming' in!"

  • "Just shave up to the knee. Only stripped shave above the knee."

Bob's Burgers Gene Quotes

  • "My life is more difficult than anyone else's on the planet, and YES I'm including starving children, so don't ask!"

  • "You're in eighth grade? I thought you were someone's mom."

  • "What doesn't break my testicles makes them stronger."

  • "Why would I be horny? I'm not an antelope."

  • "Can I just say one thing? I think I have the best legs in the family, and smoothest bottom."

  • "Is that a euphemism for his ding-dong?"

  • "Mmm, taco on the toilet. Why doesn't everyone do this?"

  • "My nipples are so pointy!"