6 Bipolar Characters in Movies Worth Viewing

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Silver Linings Playbook via The Weinstein Company

More mental health portrayals, please!

6 Bipolar Characters in Movies Worth Watching

Movies and film can be a great resource for information and activism. They can also spread misinformation and stereotypes, specifically when portraying mental health issues. The following 6 characters live with bipolar disorder which is not a rare condition seeing as though 5.7 million Americans battle with the disease.

So, we thought it was important to round up some films that accurately portray bipolar disorder. While the characters or movies aren't perfect, they focus on the disorder on a macro level, educating audiences worldwide. Some portrayals are humorous while others are extremely honest and raw.

Here are 6 bipolar characters in movies that you need to watch.

1. Patrizio "Pat" Solitano, Jr. - Silver Linings Playbook

Bradley Cooper was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of bipolar, Pat Solitano, Jr. When Pat is released from a mental institution, he must acclimate back into society, and back to his turbulent life. But with help from Jennifer Lawrence, he focuses on positive aspects of his new life.

2. Graeme Obree - The Flying Scotsman

The story of Scottish amateur cyclist, Graeme Obree, and his battle with bipolar disorder is inspirational. He overcomes physical and mental anguish with support from his wife, Anne and begins treatment and the end of this 2006 film.

3. Virginia Woolf - The Hours

The Hours follows the story of three women from 1920 to 1951, ending in 2001. In 1923, Virginia Woolf (played by Nicole Kidman) is struggling with bipolar disorder, while trying to write her last novel, Between the Acts. She feels trapped physically and mentally. A depiction of a successful author and the battles she was fighting by herself is a swift reminder that mental illness needs to be discussed and supported openly.

4. Cameron Stuart - Infinitely Polar Bear

A sweet, heartbreaking and honest portrayal of mental illness and how it affects an entire family. Strongly acted by Mark Ruffalo, Infinitely Polar Bear shows how sacrifices must be made to keep a family, and father, together.

5. Mark Whitacre - The Informant!

An FBI informat, Mark Whitacre balances corruption and bipolar disorder in this biographical-comedy-crime film. Matt Damon shines in this role of a man trying to keep it together for everyone else, but himself.

6. Arthur Edens - Michael Clayton

When a senior litigator at a New York law firm becomes unhinged during a trial, Michael Clayton realizes Arthur Edens has stopped taking his medication for bipolar disorder. The honesty in which Arthur struggles with his disorder is very real, especially for people who have to keep bipolar disorder a secret from colleagues.