Watching 'Binging With Babish' Videos Relieve Stress—Here's How

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Trust me.

Why Watching 'Binging with Babish' Is My New Favorite Form of Self-Care

Whenever I have a shit day, I try to do anything in my power to turn it around.

Be positive! You're bringing yourself down.

Take a walk outside! You haven't left your desk in four hours.

Drink more water! You're dehydrated and it's making you cranky.

Whatever is bothering me I want to take control of it and pin it down, provably stating, "Aha, I got you now." And as with most human beings, that is never the case. So, I've learned to turn to another method. I've also always enjoyed cooking. My dad instilled a love of food in me from a young age and since then, I use cooking as a way to destress each evening. I fire up a podcast, if I really need it, I pour myself a glass of wine, and I get to work in my teeny tiny kitchen. Of course I have bouts of laziness where Postmates seems like the only logical option for the evening.

When I was feeling particularly shitty one fine day, I remembered a video I watched months ago. A man with a specifically wonderful voice had recreated the pasta sauce from Goodfellas. His tutorial was elaborate and detailed, yet I still felt as if I was capable enough to whip it up myself. Thanks to Reddit I would go on to watch countless other videos from chef Andrew Rea. His cooking show Binging With Babish would be a tool I leaned on when I needed to touch base with reality again, when I needed to take breaths I was so obviously neglecting.

So, I started Binging With Babish cooking videos and felt better. Not perfect, but better. Anxiety and stress are pesky gnats flying around me, but when I press play and inevitably skip ads, I feel much better having tuned into a cooking show that is put together so perfectly, it's impossible to look away. If you're having a particularly bad day, try an episode, you might see something you like.

1. To Their Core, The Videos Are Calming

I'm sure someone with a psychology degree can explain why such videos are so calming, but I can only direct you to the videos for proof. Between the music, the ambiance, the speed at which the videos are edited together, and of course, Andrew's voice, the videos put me at ease more than most. And you could say the same for Tasty or other cooking videos on YouTube, but Binging With Babish is in a league of its own. Behind the production quality, I find Andrew's recipes challenging but accomplishable which, for whatever reason, combats any anxious feeling I may have at the moment.

2. Cooking Videos Are Mesmerizing

Watching someone cook (or cooking myself) has always be cathartic for me. It can be mindless in the best way possible. Andrew's talent in the kitchen is obvious, but his selection of recipes is entertaining. He incorporates beloved movies or characters and a meal associated with said piece of entertainment. Within a six minute video, he's brought to life a fictitious character in the form of a hot, ready to eat meal. The ease and grace in which he walks through the recipe from beginning to end is purely mesmerizing and thus a distraction from my daily life and the highs and lows that come with it.

3. They Feel Endless, in the Best Possible Way

Even while writing this, I couldn't stop watching video after video. Thanks to well-deserved attention, Binging With Babish has given us countless recipe videos over the course of a very short time period. If you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed, allowing yourself to get lost in the seemingly hundreds of videos created is a gift in itself. Hit autoplay and relax, there are countless opportunities for you to learn new recipes or experience new food, all while focusing on your own mental health.

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Binging with Babish

If you're anything like me and need more Binging With Babish in your life, be sure to follow the YouTube channel here and buy Andrew Rea's latest cookbook here from Amazon. If you want more exciting recipes in your life, be sure to check some out here.

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