6 Beverages for Better Eye Health

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6 Beverages That Drastically Improve Your Eye Health

Are you giving your eyes enough attention? Like most parts of your body, your eyeballs need some TLC, too! If you want to make sure you're doing all you can for some healthy peepers, learn about six beverages for better eye health. From smoothies to teas, each drink is easy to make or fitting for your refrigerator.

It might feel like a never ending battle choosing the right food or beverages to consume to keep a healthy body, mind, and soul. But with simple ingredients that are abundant in grocery stores and online, you can simply help your eyes by adding a few fruits and vegetables to your diet. So get a grocery list going and head to the store. You have some healthy beverages and foods to help with your eyesight.

1. Carrot Juice

I mean, duh! Since childhood we're told to eat carrots to help our vision and the same sentiment remains true as you get older. Beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin are three essential nutrients found in carrots, all of which help with eye health. Filled with vitamin-A, carrot juice will help you avoid blindness and other issues that could affect your baby blues.

2. Leafy Green Smoothie

Kale, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, WHATEVER! Add that shit into your smoothie! Kale has antioxidants like lutein and vitamins A, C, and K. Broccoli is a might vegetable that is rich in fiber, calcium, folate, and phosphorus. When blended in a smoothie (add various berries) the taste of each leafy green is subdued, allowing you to drink your nutrients without feeling like you're eating grass from a field. Thanks to the popularity of homemade smoothies, you can also sneak in some added nutrient to your kids without them noticing.

3. Berry Smoothie

More antioxidants for you!!!! Berries will help slow down the process of eye degeneration and preserve your perfect (or almost perfect) vision! Pop some blueberries into a smoothie or eat them raw, regardless they are easy to ingest. Lucky for you, berries can be found all year round at your local grocery store so you really have no excuse not to eat them.

4. Orange Juice

OJ!!!!! According to the American Optometric Association vitamin-C has been linked to various studies claiming the vitamin has decreased the risk of cataracts and "taking a supplement with at least 300 mg/day of vitamin C appears to help prevent cataract development". If you'd rather take a vitamin every day make sure it has some vitamin C in it!

5. Aloe Juice

Aloe juice might be a foreign concept to most people but it will benefit eye health tremendously. Made up of vitamins like A, B, C, and E, your eyes benefit from aloe juice. Minerals like selenium, zinc, and magnesium will help your vision as well. Aloe juice has spiked in popularity and most major grocery store chains carry clear, or green, aloe juice.

6. Green Tea

Attention tea lovers, we're about to make you happy. Green tea is high in antioxidants and vitamins thus helping to protect your eyes from glaucoma. Such antioxidants, like catechins reach the tissue in your eye and retina thus helping restore vision and retinas. Clearly, antioxidants are important to eye health and green tea (both iced or warm) can help you keep up with your own eye health.

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