The 7 Best Romance Novel Instagrams You Should Be Following Right Now

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Follow these accounts for some literary romance!

Love Romance Novels? Then You Should Be Following These Instagram Accounts

Want to follow accounts on Instagram that you'll actually like? The following accounts are great for fans of romance novels. From authors to publishers, why not stay up to date on an ever-changing genre?

If you want to learn more about the characters, how books are published, or what an author's daily life might look like you can, thanks to Instagram.

Maybe you're working on your first romance novel or just love reading great stories, whatever it may be, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best romance novel Instagram accounts out there!

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1. Kinky Girls Book Obsession

Want to know everything about romance novels? This is the account to follow. They cover a range of authors and themes but you'll always be in the know!

2. Book Bellas

Book Bellas is a great instagram account for romance lovers because they give quick little book reviews with each post. If you're looking for a new novel, they've done the hard work for you!

3. Bookish Life

Lisa Wilson runs the Bookish Life as she's a self proclaimed bookstagrammer. With help from some romantic memes, her Instagram is great for romance fans who want to know more about what the genre has to offer.

4. All About That Book

Would you rather be reading? All About That Book agrees and her Instagram is proof. True bookworms will appreciate the anti-social memes and book jokes. Of course you'll get a glimpse into new romance books that are on the market.

5. Author R.K Lilley

Who better to keep you in the loop than a romance author? R.K. Lilley is the author of many romance novels including Bad Things and Lovely Trigger. She'll take you through her life and what it means to be a romance novelist.

6. Lauren Blakely

You might've heard of author, Lauren Blakely but if you haven't it's time to start following her ASAP. If you love romance novels why not follow some of the women behind your favorite characters?!

7. Avon Books

Avon Books is one of the most successful romance publishers out there! If you love romance novels you've likely bought one of theirs! From Playing for Keeps to The Lemon Sisters, they publish some of the best romance novels ever!

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