7 Iconic Diane Keaton Movies That Need to Be Watched Tonight

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Praise thee, Diane Keaton.

7 of the Best Diane Keaton Movies to Watch Immediately

If you love movies you may know a little actress by the name of Diane Keaton. She's been in small movies like The Godfather. Anyway, she's a very famous actress with a resume that'll make you blush.

She's a fashion icon, interior design maven, and all around chic lady. She represents women in film with tenacity and pride, a shining light in an industry where women over the age of 40 are often pushed aside or deemed grandmothers long before they actually become one. She brings in box office success and collaborates with dynamic women in her field.

So, to honor the Academy Award winner, we've rounded up the best Diane Keaton movies. From classic films to fun romantic comedies, she does a fine job making us laugh or cry. But what we appreciate most is that she seemingly finds films that represent women, at various stages in their lives. And furthermore, she represents a certain part of the population in mainstream media and for that, we thank her.

1. The Godfather

Movie: The Godfather (1972)

Character: Kay Adams

Diane Keaton joined the star-studded cast of Francis Ford Coppola's classic trilogy and was a household name thanks to the role. She played the wife of Michael Corleone and held her own against the talented men in the cast. I wasn't alive then, but I assume everyone was like, "OMG who is this talented breath of fresh air!"

2. Annie Hall

Movie: Annie Hall (1977)

Character: Annie Hall

Sadly, this movie has been tarnished thanks to the alleged actions of star and director Woody Allen, but if we try to look beyond that, this role is iconic to Keaton's career. Not only did she shine as main character, Annie Hall, her clothing would catapult her into fashion icon status.

3. Baby Boom

Movie: Baby Boom (1987)

Character: J.C. Wiatt

Diane Keaton's first collaboration with writer/director Nancy Meyers which would create more great movies. When busy workaholic J.C. inherits a baby from a long lost relative, she must struggle with finding the balance of career and motherhood. A poignant movie, especially in the '80s, it still holds up today.

4. Father of the Bride

Movie: Father of the Bride (1991)

Character: Nina Banks

Keaton would star along side Steve Martin in this classic film about letting kids grow up. She played level-headed matriarch Nina Banks, who in the sequel, would go on to have another child at the same time her daughter was pregnant—crazy!

5. The First Wives Club

Movie: The First Wives Club (1996)

Character: Annie MacDuggan Paradis

This is one of the best movies ever made in the existence of the world. You are dead to me if you disagree. Alongside Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn, the trio came together for this fantastic feminist classic. When three longtime friends are dumped by their husbands, they don't get mad, they get even.

6. Something's Gotta Give

Movie: Something's Gotta Give (2003)

Character: Erica Barry

Back working with Nancy Meyers, Keaton proves that women of a certain age can still carry a romantic comedy. With sex, love, and relationships at the forefront of the movie, audiences were excited to see a refreshing take on a rom-com.

7. Book Club

Movie: Book Club (2018)

Character: Diane

And voila, a movie with four main characters over the age of 50. And guess what? It made lots of money at the box office. Keaton continues to prove that women want to go to the movies to see real characters.

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